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What Is Link Building All about?

Link building is the process of building content relevant quality links to your business site, both internally and externally so as to help your site gain higher rankings on search engines and drive more customer traffic to generate greater leads. Link building is one of the best and most commonly used SEO strategies to market business Websites.


A few attributes are must to be considered while you try to get links from a certain Web page for your site. There are certain factors that matter in backlinking, and every SEO must be aware of these factors:


Page rank - Higher the page rank, better is the result!


Content relevance - The content on the page from which you are trying to get the link must be relevant in order to get the maximum value to your link


Overall quality of the content - Greater the number of quality backlinks, higher is the page rank on search engines! Usefulness of the content, the time that readers spend on your site for reading, and is the content able to engage people well are the three key factors that decide the content's quality


Anchor text and title - The appropriate anchor text and title show what your link is about!


Link placement - Where you place your link matters a lot! Usually, it's better to put the link in headers or upper body of the content on the Web page


Outbound or external links - Too many external links help the least!


Good CTR - Higher the click-through-rate, better the results!


Ability to draw traffic - Make sure that the Web page from which you are trying to get the link has the ability to draw a lot of traffic because the same traffic would be able to visit your link too


It is advisable to make use of all these factors in a positive way while actually building links to your site. You can either approach organic (natural) link building or manipulative (artificial) link building.  


Artificial link building gets you more links without going through any human interaction. This one is an easier approach that demands relatively lesser investment of time and money.


Let's see what artificial link building involves:


ü  Creating blogs in Web 2.0 and blogging Websites

ü  Article submission

ü  Blog commenting

ü  Directory listing

ü  Forum posting

ü  Paid links and advertising

ü  Reciprocal linking or link exchange


On the contrary, organic link building involves dealing with human interactions and thus, getting links from this method is quite a tougher task. It also demands more time and financial investment.


Let's see what this organic link building involves:


ü  Broken link building - Broken outboud links

ü  Link baiting - Best links in return to the least efforts

ü  Guest posting - The most common natural way to build backlinks to your site


We use all the best SEO strategies at Webplanners. Our sole aim is to deliver the best possible results to you by achieving higher page rankings and driving more customer traffic to your sites thereby. Being one of the best SEO company Melbourne, we offer you all our SEO expert services and link building is one important part of them.



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