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Google Analytics – Tips for Small Businesses

For every business, acquiring and retaining customers is of utmost importance. With marketing techniques going digital, competition in the market has become intense. Businesses can take advantage of digital analytic tools and platforms to get better understanding of their audience. Small businesses can use powerful digital tools like Google Analytics as their software for web metrics and utilize its information to create rewarding marketing campaigns. Though Google Analytics is one of the leading tools to measure performance of a website, small businesses are apprehensive for using it.

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Google Analytics is not as intimidating as it seems, only businesses need to know what they want and make proper interpretation of the information. Here are few tips for small businesses to get started with Google Analytics –


  • -There are several metrics available in Google Analytics, but you should focus on actionable data. You should concentrate on reports like Organic Search, Referrals and All Traffic and others to optimize your marketing methods.


  • -Improve the Search functionality of your website. With Site Search, you will be able to get a better idea of performance of your internal site search and what visitors are looking for on your website.


  • -Use Page Views to get an idea of the popular pages of your website. When a particular webpage is more popular than others, you should emphasize on keeping that page in excellent condition and improving its performance.


  • -Create realistic business goals to track key indicators like number of leads, ecommerce transactions, cost per lead and others. If you do not have an ecommerce website or take payments online, set goals for number of people signing up or filling Contact Us forms. Your website should have at least 1 goal.


  • -Analytics reports are a powerful tool for actionable intelligence, so do not ignore the reports. Generate custom reports, and compare them to conversion data. It will help you to refine and optimize your campaigns.


Even if your business does not have an analyst or expert in digital marketing, you can utilize Google Analytics to benefit your business. By spending little time on Google Analytics, small businesses can analyze how their marketing efforts are paying off.

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