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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you have expertise in?

Webplanners is an SEO Company in Melbourne, providing a great range of SEO, Internet marketing, and allied services that are specially designed and implemented to enhance the online presence of businesses and generate higher leads through online marketing.

The major services that our expert team specialises in are: search engine optimisation (SEO), PPC advertising/Google AdWords, social media marketing and management, website designing and website development.

What is unique about your firm that separates you from other SEO firms?

Most local SEO firms work with pre-set templates, almost blindly conducting activities that may not be of any benefit to businesses. By not creating customised solutions to individual businesses, SEO firms may risk wasting time, money and research on areas that are of little impact and value to the busnesses they serve. This ultimately sees businesses not getting return on their investment, and often won't get them the rankings they are after. However, Webplanners aims to get you timely results by focusing on the exact target areas that will ensure great impact on traffic, and in turn, your rankings.

What do you consider the main goal of the every SEO campaign that you conduct?

Top ranking on major search engines, increasing the number of enquiries to your business, and ultimately generating more leads and sales through the maximum number of customers.

How does the keyword research fit into your SEO process?

Identifying proper and exact keywords is a critical step of any website optimisation process. After all, this is what you use to choose your target market and then to drive desired traffic. The same keywords are later also used for whole link building process.

What kind of performance reports will you provide us and how often?

If you want to check your search engine rankings monthly or weekly, or even more often like daily, we have a daily monitoring system with fast notifications, along with weekly traffic and daily reports. Whenever any of your keywords achieves a place among the top 10 rankings, you will be notified.

Moreover, you can check your rankings yourself 24/7 by means of RankWatch that gives you innovative Google ranking reports. We also provide you with Google analytics live reports.

Do you offer flexible campaigns for small, medium, or large businesses with varying marketing budgets?

Yes, we do. Our service packages are scalable to large and small businesses; in fact, we specialise in small and medium business SEO/Internet marketing. As per the demand and budget, services could be scaled down to suit the financial situation of a small start-up business.