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Local SEO Melbourne

Local SEO Company Melbourne

Local SEO Strategies That Drive Valuable Leads

Failing to have a localised strategy in place for your business will mean you would be foregoing the opportunity for organic traffic. Targeting your geographic area with local SEO is a great way to find qualified leads who may become loyal customers and even recommend you to others!

At Webplanners, we help businesses grow by targeting messages to specific areas and the relevant demographic to ensure visibility to the right customers. Our local SEO services Melbourne help small businesses get the first page recognition from Google in their local vicinity, so the people who matter to your business can find you.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to the position of a relevant business (product or service) on top search pages based on the location of the searcher.

To rank better in local SEO, businesses should make sure that the basic information such as business name, address, phone number (NAP) details are accurate and consistent on the websites as well as on all online listings.

Adding other relevant information such as hours of operation, reviews, testimonials, comments, photos also add to your SEO.

Local SEO Melbourne
Local SEO Services Australia

Why Local SEO Is Important for Your Business?

Whether you are a brick & mortar shop owner or a local restaurant, if you are looking for more enquiries/leads within your suburb or surrounding from search engines, then local SEO is your right choice of strategy.

According to a survey, 97% of consumers use internet to find a product or service ‘near-me’ or ‘near-by’. And, 78% of local searches on mobile results in an offline purchase.

With our Local SEO services, you get a competitive edge over your competition and dominate your local markets with our local SEO services. We create and build effective SEO strategies to drive relevant traffic to your website and let you sell your products or services directly to the local customers.

Let us help you with claiming your business listing! We want local customers to have all the information they need to get in touch with you.

Local SEO connects you with your target customer

Creating a successful local SEO strategy isn't just about ranking on Google’s front page - it's about growing your brand's visibility within your area too! We take into account all the necessary elements to maximise these efforts, such as maps, Google My Business, and other online components. We strive to ensure that you offer the best possible services to those seeking them in your area!

Local SEO Company Melbourne
Google My Business Optimisation

Google My Business Optimisation

Search engines not only have the ability to give us the tools to make an informed decision, but also often provide visuals such as maps so we know exactly where to go to find what we need.

  • Google My Business optimisation is necessary to have recognition on Google Maps.
  • It's really important to make sure your business shows up on Google searches - it'll give you a great boost in local SEO success!
  • A a precise optimisation strategy is needed for you to be one of the first ‘Places’ to show up on Google.
  • Helping users make an informed decision by giving them access to all the facts can bring them to your website and encourage them to take the plunge and become customers.

At Webplanners, we are experts in providing Google My Business Optimisation services to ensure that you’re within those 3 spots. Next, we make sure you’re getting the positive reviews you need to drive customers towards your business.

Place ads for your locally targeted audience

We run PPC Ad campaign in local areas or multiple suburbs in different geographic locations. We target a wide range of keywords for multiple products or services. Any business looking for quick and effective marketing results should opt for PPC ads for their local audience.

To keep your business competitive – contact your local SEO experts and let us help you grow. Contact our SEO Company in Melbourne today for a perfect SEO package to get your small business on the first page!

Local SEO Services Melbourne


What are the benefits of local SEO?

The benefits of local SEO include improved online visibility, increased website traffic and leads, higher search engine rankings, and improved credibility and trust with local customers.

What are some local SEO strategies?

Local SEO strategies include optimising your Google My Business listing, building local citations, creating high-quality content with local keywords, and using local schema markup on your website.

Can I do local SEO on my own?

While it is possible to do local SEO on your own, it can be time-consuming and challenging to navigate the complexities of local search. Hiring a professional local SEO company can save you time and ensure that your business is optimised for local search success.

What are locally targeted ads?

Locally targeted ads are advertisements that are designed to reach a specific audience within a specific geographic location. They are often used by businesses that want to target local customers and increase their local presence.

What are some strategies for creating effective locally targeted ads?

Strategies for creating effective locally targeted ads include using local keywords, targeting specific geographic locations, creating high-quality ad copy and visuals, and testing and optimising your ads over time.

Should I hire a professional to create my locally targeted ads?

While it is possible to create your own locally targeted ads, hiring a professional can ensure that your ads are optimised for maximum effectiveness and return on investment. A professional ad agency can provide specialised expertise and resources that may not be available in-house, and can help you create a comprehensive ad strategy tailored to your business needs and goals.

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