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Five Tips for a High-Performing Brand Strategy through SEO

With the increasing popularity of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, online marketing has grown rapidly. We at Webplanners, one of the top SEO companies in Melbourne, believe that more than half of organisations worldwide now use digital channels to advertise, market or sell products and services via these platforms.

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Social media marketing helps companies engage current customers and attract new ones. With the growing number of social media users (over 1 billion worldwide), companies can target niche markets through social media platforms such as Facebook. However, many small business owners neglect to take advantage of this powerful tool due to lack of knowledge, resources and expertise. In addition, they fail to realise how efficient and affordable social media marketing can be. In this article we will cover the following:

Table of Content:

  1. SEO takes into consideration the way people find information online.
  2. Search for the perfect niche for your business.
  3. Establish a well-built network link.
  4. Utilise the relevant keywords.
  5. Optimise your content scheme.

But ultimately, what's the point of optimising your site for search engines? It's all about making sure people know about your business through organic means — which includes creating good content and building links back to your website.

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So far, we've discussed how SEO can help websites in general and for most types of business. We've talked about how to improve the quality of content and optimise keywords. But if you're wondering what else SEO could do for your company, here are five brand awareness guides that you can do to boost your online presence:

  1. SEO takes into consideration the way people find information online.

    Most search engines use complicated mathematical formulas based on keywords and links to give relevance to sites and pages. Inbound marketing experts often say that SEO should be thought of as a lead generation tool because potential customers are searching for solutions to their problems. However, some would argue that SEO is a medium used to gain customer trust and establish authority so they feel secure enough to purchase. Regardless, SEO shouldn’t be viewed as a standalone strategy, but integrated within the larger digital marketing mix.

    One of the best ways to optimise your site for search results is by using good keywords. Doing so helps drive organic traffic to your site and convert visitors to leads.

  2. Search for the perfect niche for your business.

    Brands today exist for consumers to engage with them through various touchpoints. This gives brands the opportunity to interact with customers and prospects. Consumers can provide feedback about a product or service, ask questions, share experiences, express opinions, offer suggestions, or report issues. In return, they expect companies to listen to what they say and respond appropriately.

    If done right, there comes a time when brands have an opportunity to connect with new customers. They may be able to interact with current customers and reach out to prospective customers who haven't yet made a purchase decision. And they may even be able to effectively target potential prospects based on their industry and product/service.

  3. Establish a well-built network link.

    When considering an online marketing campaign, businesses should consider where they would like their business to go. A company may choose to expand into new areas, such as opening an office abroad, entering a new market, or launching a completely new product line. Although these actions require significant resources, they often pay off in the long run. In addition, expanding internationally may allow a small business to reach a much larger audience than it could by being limited within its home country. Launching a new product means that the company is trying something out of the ordinary. Not only does this help them find out whether or not they like the idea, but it also gives potential customers a chance to try out a new product before buying it.

    Here are some proven methods for building links:
  • Using broken links to improve search traffic
  • On social networks, engaging by using likes, comments, shares, etc
  • Snoop on your competitor’s backlinks
  • Make a figuration

    Ultimately, these proven methods lead to a bigger audience and your brand’s promotion.

  1. Utilise the relevant keywords.

    When people type a query into Google, they expect to see results that match their intent. For example, if someone searches “best iPhone app development company,” they want to find companies who specialise in developing mobile apps. That means finding a developer whose expertise lies within Apple products.

    To accomplish this, marketers must optimise their written content to include target keywords. Writing for humans works best when writing for human beings using plain English. With good writing, people can understand how you feel about a product or service you offer. Using too much jargon keeps people from understanding your message. The same goes for your website copy; make sure it’s easy to read and doesn’t confuse visitors. Too many technical terms may give off a professional image but actually come across as pretentious.

  2. Optimise your content scheme.

    Quality content reflects your business' identity and vision. Therefore publishing informative content on your site is arguably an effective way of increasing your site rankings and building brand awareness to attract and retain qualified leads. Content marketing is primarily aimed to inform customers and familiarise them with your services. It also provides a plethora of opportunities to engage with potential clients and develop relationships. Your audience wants to feel connected with your business, so it is up to you to provide them with what they need to make them feel that way. This may involve answering industry-related questions, providing personalised services and creating products that people can't wait to use.

    Content marketing doesn't just mean writing blogs or case studies - it means creating any content that could potentially keep an audience glued to your site.

After reading through this article, we'd like to know if any of them seemed useful to you and whether you've used any of the SEO techniques described in any way.

Webplanners is an excellent SEO company based in Australia who offers affordable SEO solutions. Our team of experts will aid you in improving your online visibility through various techniques including keyword research, link building, content marketing, social media management and much more. We offer affordable SEO packages so that anyone can afford them, including you. Contact us now so we can discuss how to enhance your brand awareness strategy.

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