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3 SEO Techniques You May Be Doing Wrong

SEO is not an unknown episode anymore for a company which wants to represent itself globally leaving high impression on customers through search engine. SEO makes your site easily understandable to the search engine, which lets the viewer find you, who are looking for similar products or services. The SEO Company in Melbourne surveyed the online result poll and found that over 93% of online movement initiates with search engine. But whether this SEO in Melbourne is using the crack jack strategy? Let’s see few SEO techniques that are disturbing your results :-

SEO Techniques | SEO Company Melbourne

Keywords have a significant history when talking about SEO. However, the current status of content might be overpowering the other factors. When working on SEO in Melbourne, there is a common illusion of stuffing keywords in the content to the maximum extent.

For instance, looking for best salon in the town? Then search no further for the best salon, because the best salon is right here.

This might sound like it’s going to mark you in top businesses but it just doesn’t. Search engines keep such content out of focus. Use keywords prominently but don’t wad it unnecessarily.

Image Optimisation
Images have been an engaging concept on a site for people to look at. But keeping just lots of images will do no good. Search engine do not find images, what it recognises is how relevant your images are. This relevancy can be acquainted by putting alt tags (a description to your image when the cursor moves over it), caption, image title, and image name.

This optimisation is the way to be considered by search engines. Keep the images compressed and of good quality to help reduce loading time.

Anchor Text
Often the content includes certain texts which are hyperlinks, that migrates the viewer to another relevant page of the site. This informative hyperlink is the anchor text. This again revolves around choking things with keywords, which is not going to work in the case of anchor text.

The best SEO in Melbourne involves making a competitive anchor text with a mix of branded anchor text (looks 40% original to site), naked links (15%) and long-tailed links (6%).

These few SEO strategies when paid no attention can overthrow your complete endeavour of the running online business. Get to know more about the safe tips of SEO for your business from Webplanners, at or call at (03)9510 0717, the leading SEO Company in Melbourne.

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