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How Can You Leverage Content Clusters to Grow Traffic and Build Authority?


Content marketing is being used to leverage business growth and increase brand awareness. Content is marketing staple as it motivates the buying behaviour. Content marketing has come a long way, and the art and science behind it have also changed over time. But it is still an integral part of marketing and SEO.



As Google’s algorithm is getting more and more advanced and sophisticated at understanding the user’s intent and the context of the search queries, it is essential to create content for the context and intent.

Since a while now, search engines, like Google, are shifting their focus from displaying keyword-oriented search results to topic/subject related search results. It comes as a result of changes in user search behaviour. Instead of focusing just on the keyword, the business should focus more on the subject/topic.

Today, content is getting more prosperous and more subtle. The question is, how do you create content that is informative, relevant to the user, is for your target keywords and covers your subject/topic, ranks well, and most importantly it’s up-to-date with Google’s latest updates?

Content clusters or Topic clusters is the answer.

Content clusters or the topic clusters is the best approach to optimise your content for search engines. Content cluster is a group of interlinked web pages built around a piece of content known as Pillar Page that targets a broader topic. And, you can leverage them to help boost your site’s organic traffic.

The best part of the content cluster is that it goes beyond keyword dominance. Content cluster is the ideal solution because

  • It delivers related Search results
  • It has SEO relevance
  • Are more focused on delivering most options of content related to a topic.
  • Demonstrates authority on a subject/topic
  • Are keyword optimized
  • Covers related topics as well


Google Algorithm changes frequently and always to improve the user experience and to provide relevant and accurate information to the searchers.

Most of the Google Core Updates and algorithm changes contemplate making the search process more convenient, relevant and accurate to the users

Behind every algorithm update, Google’s main objective is to provide best, accurate and informative results to the people. Google wants to give its user the content, which is of the highest quality and authority. Not just any random piece of content that’s there with keyword relevancy.

People want to interact with websites that have a proven level of knowledge, expertise and authority. Content clusters precisely do that. Custer content helps you become the go-to source of comprehensive information for a given topic. It also creates opportunities to rank higher than your competitors for specific subject, sub-topics, keywords and phrases.

Having content authority acts as a growth engine, that attracts more and more quality prospects to your site, convert those prospects into customers, and customers to loyal repeat customers.

Through topic clusters, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry for subjects relevant to your business. It makes your brand/business more credible, trusted and a reliable source on a topic.

To retain your position as an authority and to continue to do so, you must keep building content clusters. Using content clusters on your website will significantly boost activity on your website. It will also eventually earn you higher organic traffic and better search rankings.

As a result, it creates a cycle of increasing organic traffic, improved conversion rate and better ROI. Thus your website is seen as a vital source of informative content with a broader audience of potential clients. 

Focusing more on topics instead of keywords doesn’t mean that keyword research and on-page optimisation and other optimisations are unimportant. These are still vital for your online success and plays a crucial role in your cluster content strategy also.

Final Thought

Search engines are shifting their focus to user intent; hence topic clusters are vital for your website rankings as it covers a variety of sub-topics around a topic. SEOs and content marketers must think about online visibility and to leverage it as content marketing strategies. 

SEO, these days is not just about keyword dominance but instead about gaining & creating authority over your subject/topic areas.

Utilising topic-based content for SEO and understanding how to develop content clusters as part of content marketing to boost overall search visibility is a thoughtful approach.


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