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Developing Marketing Strategy – Tips

Did you get an amazing product idea and are planning to turn it into a business? Or have you set up a well equipped area for your office? Well, no matter how good your product idea or infrastructure is, your business needs a concrete marketing plan to succeed. Developing a marketing strategy is vital for every business, but it is not as complex as it sounds. Time required to develop a marketing strategy will depend on the size of your business, scope in the market and nature of the product.


It is important that your marketing strategy is research based and practical. It should act as a guide for day-to-day activities of the business. Here are few tips to develop marketing strategy for your business –


  • Before you start with the strategy, define marketing methods that you plan to use. Are you going to opt for direct marketing, Internet marketing or a mix of traditional and digital marketing methods.
  • If you already have an established marketing plan, analyze its performance. Check which components and methods of the plan are working. Also, analyze how effective have the previous methods been and what kind of results were generated.
  • Focus your efforts on leveraging online sales. Remember, your website is not a one-stop shop for marketing your product. Your digital presence should go beyond your website. From accounts on social media networks to guest blogs, choose a combination of methods to develop an online presence.
  • Online marketing is about creating an identity in the digital world, and networking is an important contributor to this factor. Contribute to relevant websites with blogs, comment or give feedback on discussions and invest in quality content. This will help in generating business leads.
  • Allot budget for your marketing efforts, and make sure you stick to the budget while developing marketing plans. Also, keep an eye on the Return on Investment as it will also give you an idea if the budget you have set is sufficient or not. 


Make sure your marketing plan is clear, simple, detailed and precise. Keep a record of all your efforts and also ensure that your future plans are also listed down on paper. Your marketing plan should list out all steps required to fulfill your marketing objectives.

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021