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Google Analytics Custom Dashboards

A visual display of important metrics and information, dashboard presents multiple details in a consolidated and arranged manner. One of the best software for analytics, Google Analytics allows website owners to improve the content, conversions and user experience of their website.  When you log into your Google Analytics account, you directly come across the Audience Overview report. But, if you want to make the most of the analytics information, you should opt for custom dashboards in your Google Analytics account. Little customization allows to tailor the dashboard view as per your needs and thus, helps in extracting maximum value out of the information.


In Google Analytics, every dashboard can have up to 12 widgets to provide you an overview of metrics that are most important for your website. Every dashboard can have more than one instance of widgets like metrics, timeline, geomap, table, pie chart and bar chart. Along with standard widgets, you can also opt for real time widgets as they display data in real time. By creating custom Google Analytic dashboards based on themes and dimensions, it becomes easier to classify and understand the analytics data. Here are few custom dashboards you can create –


  • - Dashboard for site performance – With this dashboard, you can easily get overview on the performance of your website and also identify problems with the website. In this dashboard, you can add metrics like Average Page Load Time, Average Server Response Time, Page Load Time by Browser, Load Time for Popular Pages and more.
  • - Dashboard for site usage – In this dashboard, you can add metrics that analyze the site quality and usage. It includes metrics like Bounce Rate by Browser, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Top Site Content and others.
  • - Dashboard for SEO performance – Getting feedback on the SEO efforts is very important, hence you should customize a dashboard for your SEO efforts. It can include metrics like Organic Keywords, Traffic Acquisition, Organic Landing Pages, Pages visited by Organic Keywords, Unique Visitors from SEO, Search Engines used and more.

With custom Google Analytics dashboard, you can analyze specific segments of your website and make improvements accordingly.

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