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Google Not Pushing out Any More Google Page Rank Updates This Year!

Google uses PageRank, an algorithm to rank various websites in Google web search engine

results. It’s a great way that measures the importance of Web pages and used to occur at

the interval of three months since 2009. However, it has been eight months after the last

update occurred; Google Toolbar PageRank Update is not seen. According to Google, there

won't be any more Google Toolbar PageRank update this year.


Matt Cutts, the head of Google search spam, declared on Twitter about not pushing out the

new Google Toolbar Update this time.


In late 2011, Google users observed an update to the query URL but most of users

mistakenly considered that the PageRank was gone. However, it happened around five

times after that and the last update was on February 4, 2013.


Here's when the latest Google PageRank Updates were released:

• November 2011

• February 2012

• May 2012

• August 2012

• November 2012

• February 2013

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Monday, 17 January 2022