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Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update - Fast & Precise!

A new search algorithm was revealed on the 15th birthday of Google - Hummingbird! This algorithm is specially designed to receive more precise and faster query results; and this why is named 'Hummingbird'. Unlike most of previous search algorithms, this one is totally based on semantic search. It emphasises on user intent versus individual search terms. The announcement of this new algorithm quite stirred both worlds; technology and SEO. It is currently influencing around 90% of the worldwide searches via Google.


Hummingbird brings to you a lot of improvement in Google search with some great features compared to regular search. Google search works harder here for you so as to facilitate your search and take the hassle out of overall search process. It would offer the best possible answers to your queries even before you complete entering them and make the entire conversation easy for you. It's an effort to cope up better with more complex and longer queries that come from most of Web users.


Impact of Hummingbird on SEO:

 Well, SEO would not experience much change. In fact, according to Google, there is nothing new that search engine optimisers or content publishers have to worry about.  Guidelines are the same - you have to deliver high quality, original content. Those necessary factors that you used to consider in past remain the same now too. It's just that Hummingbird would allow Google to carry out better processing of everything regarding search. In a nutshell, it would offer a more natural way of using the search engines.


As far as ranking is concerned, you don't need to worry about your Website's ranking if you have that high quality, original content and relevant sites linked to your Website.


In short, Google search can now be a more human friendly way for interaction with users, since it would provide you more direct answers to your queries.

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