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The Google+ Integration Continues with the Launch of Hashtag Search!

Google+ had started supporting hashtags in the month of May; however the company recently announced that Google Search will now allow its users to search for Google+ posts by using these hashtags. Now when you can see a little bit of Google+ in every product of Google, no wonder the Google+ hashtags too are making their way into other Google products.



Hashtags are basically useful in Google+; they enable you to find and manage the posts that use them. So if you now enter your search query on Google for a hashtag, you may see the latest feature to the right side of the regular search results - those Google+ posts that are using the same hashtag.


This feature is initially live for English language users and searchers located in the US and Canada - to put it simple, on and If you are a Google+ user, then you will only view those posts in results that were shared either with you or publicly. It works in a simple way - you click on one Google+ post and it will lead you to Google+ where the search itself is reproduced.


So in a nutshell, Google+ is indeed a big place where an enormous amount of helpful information is shared and passed on every day. However; from now onwards, using hashtags in your own posts or even finding hashtags added posts by other people or places would be a lot easier in near future.

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Sunday, 16 June 2024