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Another Google Webmaster Penalty - Image Mismatch Manual Action!

Google has rolled out the old manual action viewer in Google Webmaster Tools. There are reports of the new manual action alert - 'image mismatch'!


This manual action is for those images on your site that appear differently - on your site and in Google search engine pages. When the images on your Website do not match what Google is displaying and indexing on the search result pages, the 'image mismatch' manual action comes into picture.


Manual actions are nothing but the penalties from a human reviewer at Google - who has determined certain Websites violating Google's guidelines and/or has come across common spammy practices such as user-generated spam, hidden text, unnatural links, etc.


As a Web user; particularly a Google search user, if you notice this message (image mismatch), then Google recommends you to first ensure that - your Website is displaying exactly the same images to your visitors; no matter they view it directly on your site or within Google image search results.



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Saturday, 18 May 2024