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Buzzea Calls it Quits after Getting Smashed by Google!

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, recently announced that Google has crashed one more 'link network' in the line - 'Buzzea'; a French network. He confirmed this on Twitter. Google has taken this action on Buzzea, for not following Google's quality guidelines                 .

The addition to this announcement was that the next target for call out by Google would be German link networks! Matt hinted this upcoming action on Twitter - “today France; Germany soon."


This is the latest call out in a long number of link networks that Google has been going one after one over the course of the past few years.


What's Buzzea's Reaction to this Penalty?

Well, Buzzea is actually taking offense after having being called a “link network.” There was a letter posted on the Buzzea site that says - “we oppose this assertion since we never stopped wanting to keep the ethical side of sponsored articles focusing on quality and natural links created.”


Buzzea has taken this call out as a sign to end the adventure for their team as well as their collaboration with thousands of publisher sites, agencies, and advertisers. They simply call it quits.


It's quite surprising that Buzzea was so quick to give up everything because some other networks such as Anglo Rank had promised to rebuild - after their call out had occurred.


So it’s advisable now that those who were ever participated in Buzzea should soon expect a notification in Google Webmaster Tools and subsequently a ranking reduction. So, it would make sense to remove those links and immediately stop participating in any link network or something that Google may perceive as a link network in near future.

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Sunday, 16 June 2024