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Promoting Your Business through Google+ Marketing

Are you struggling hard to figure out how you should market your business with the help of social media channels? Why not try Google+? It's a great option today to market you business - around 50% of companies today have rated Google+ as an important means contributing to their business marketing. This social channel has significantly helped 15% of marketers acquire substantial customer base in 2013.


Google+ till date has attracted 500 million registered users. With its high impact on and integration with Google assets such as Google search, it is no wonder, becoming a valuable marketing resource. More than just being a Facebook competitor, Google+ is among the core layers of Google Web assets - which make it a vital part of the social Web puzzle. It is embedded in and across Gmail, Blogger, Picasa, and YouTube as well.


If you are looking out for a good professional local SEO Melbourne within, Market Strategy and Webplanners is the place! Google+ marketing is one of the top elements of our online marketing services. Here are a few ways to help you with your business marketing through Google+:


Post updates frequently and Keep your profile fresh and updated with frequent postings
Keep editing your page regularly and learn about sharing in Google+
Link your Google+ Page and your Website to drive traffic to your site
Add the Google+ badge to your Website in order to grow your page’s followers directly from your Website - the Google+ badge serves to help Google consolidate +1's from both, your website and your Google+ page
Publish your page's 'Custom URL' and start using it in emails as well as all other offline marketing means
Are you in to a Google AdWords campaign? Link your Google+ Page with that page!  - this connection between your page and your campaigns allows      your advertising and page to share +1's
Link your Google+ page with your AdWords Express campaign - set your AdWords Express destination page to be your Google+ Page 
Keep learning more about social extensions everyday 


Webplanners, a leading local SEO company in Melbourne, assists you with great Google+ and other online marketing tools and strategies to gain the maximum online presence for your business.


From day one, Google+ was designed and developed to be visual, mobile optimised, and integrated. With its ever growing popularity, it has to be taken more seriously than ever by marketers and this second largest social network should no longer be seen as an afterthought now.

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Saturday, 18 May 2024