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Why Mobile Optimization is Now mandatory for Your Online Business

As per Google’s Guide and recent updates for mobile friendly websites having a mobile optimised website is a critical part to have online presence. Very first question arises why we need to adapt this strategy? As per the Google last year April 2015 update mobile friendly website plays an important part in ranking factor in Smartphone, Tabs and handheld devices in search results.


The vital part of website is to be responsive in design. This makes it more flexible fit to any size of mobile devices. The traffic that comes from mobile is more than 50%. Also most all the work is routed through mobiles and tabs. Having a business and need to generate the traffic or reach to target audiences having a mobile friendly website is essential in today’s date.



Let see why mobile Optimization is now mandatory for your online business

- What Google’s new ranking algorithm says?

Google says that it considers the responsive designs at time of ranking website searching for all keywords. Mobile friendly websites those views and functions well on mobile devices will rank better than those website which are not responsive.


- Mobile search exceeds desktop search:

With the handhelds and smart phones, the big change deal that we see is most of the traffic is coming from mobiles, smart phones or handheld devices. And the mobile searched have taken over the desktop searches. Bottom-line- is to provide your services/ products to customers on their mobiles more and more. With the help of apps or proper navigation becomes simple for customers to look for their requirements through mobile and need not have to always sit in front of Laptops or desktops.


- Passing Mobile Friendly Test

So have your website passed mobile friendly test? If yes, good! If not then you need to test your website and see what changes you need to do. There are chances that the varying mobile devices do not support the browser technologies. It might be a disaster for business because the service page might be important to get the traffic and for the users the page will show up the error.



Redirection Problem: With respect to the mobile friendly website, redirection of deletion pages is sort of problem. It is mostly redirected to home page and the visitor doesn’t get the proper information that they are looking for. Now Google is now tagging all website guilty for these tactics with warnings by reducing the customer click through rate.


How to get the mobile strategy working for your website?

- Start Auditing your website: Use the Google mobile tool test done for your website. This tool specifically will let you know about the grades of your website on its mobility usage and also would let you know about the pinpoint areas of your websites improvements. You can also have a look at Google Analytics to get details report on mobile traffic that you have got. This evaluation would surely let you know who much you need to work on intensive technical work. You can also compare metrics such as time, bounce rate, goal conversion from desktop traffic.


- Understand what visitor’s requirements are: you must to place yourself in customer’s shoes and understand that visiting your website on mobile actually by following the steps that customers and this would give a clear idea of improvements that is needed.



- Exploring options: At the rate of mobile growth and search engine changes in response, it is important to explore options that can drive traffic by handheld devices. So Online Business is exploring options that are inexpensive and quick way to convert the visitors into leads. Many business look for options like developing apps, creating mobile sub-domain, or having responsive website which is best for long term mobility solutions for products and services.



Each business or company is unique and their needs are taken into consideration. If you are looking for methods to boost your revenue and increase it on constant basis, then working with smart phone or handheld options are the best ways to hook visitors.


Let’s see some more benefits to have the mobile friendly optimisation for your website:

·        Customer centralised: The most critical factor. Now a day’s Mobile is sun and planets are applications that are been used by all of us. It is mandatory to provide best customer experience over all the handheld devices.



·        Quality traffic: Mobiles gets the quality traffic as the visitors get proper information in hand. So there is increase in conversions rates and decrease in bounce rate.



·        Lead conversion: Mobiles are now acting as lead convertor for the products and services of online business. Best products with impressive deals will surely give you better lead converted. If you have page that is not working properly, then you had a hard time in lead conversion.



·        Shrinking bounce rate: Once you have good traffic and lead conversion rate then there is a shrink in bounce rate. This is one of the vital analytics factor that mobile make for your business.


·        Improved ranking: Lot of website visitors on mobile will surely improve the ranking factor. So the ranking and branding will suffer if you don’t have proper mobile friendly website.



There are many more benefits that we experience when we use mobile friendly websites. With Mobile acting as sun in role, planets as apps and importantly the platforms used to optimise the website also matters.





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Wednesday, 20 October 2021