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21 SEO Tips For Small Businesses – Part I

21 seo tips webplanenrs



SEO- Search Engine optimisation is process that the small business gets a chance to expand worldwide with the help of digital marketing. No SEO No Visitors! From search engine results no visitors means it harms website ranking of website. When you hire SEO Company Melbourne they see to it that On-page and Off-page optimisation is properly done. Your website can’t rank without these techniques. Many of us are not aware of SEO techniques and what is included in it. Yes, it’s true! SEO plays an important role including the tactics and many variables by [providing boosting the reliability of your website or website. Here are some easy tips for you to implement and get your webpage ranking.


 1.Know your target audience:

Knowing your target audiences is good, so you are clear who will be receiving your messages. Through Digital Marketing, you can reach to areas, demographics, locations and your targeted audiences. So to reach your target audiences, you need to refine and work on content that needs to reach the correct audiences.


 2.Competitor Analysis:

With audiences, you need to start looking for competitors that are on Google first page. So just check on the keywords that they use, website how it functions, what’s the layout or structure, contact us pages, service pages that they have. What changes you need to do to scale up your workflow. This will give you a fair idea of changes that needs to be done. This is the first and for most thing done by SEO expert Melbourne.



Content that you have on website needs to be refreshed and updated each and every time. This keeps your website updated and helps Google to get into ranking. Maintain detailed, unique information including images will surely make your website look good.


 4.Resolve duplicate Content:

Avoid having duplicate content. Google doesn’t accept duplicate content and it effects adversely on the website ranking. Best way is to rephrase the content or reframe it completely.



Keywords are the important aspect that drives traffic to your website. So you need to see to it that you choose keywords wisely. They turn out to be a dominant tool to get renowned by search engines. Including keywords in URL of the webpage or in content will boost the integrity of the page and will help to provide good results. There are 2 types of keywords: Short tail and long tail keywords. Combining both the types can give you best results. Please...Please...Please don’t your website content with keywords. It is doesn’t help at all.


 6.Internal linking:

WebPages needs to be internally linked. This helps to create a workflow for visitors coming to our website. With proper strategy linking, customers can be directed to services page and can motivate to hire services ultimately.


 7.Handy contact details:

When you think that a customer needs to get in touch with you? You should make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. Small and easy contact details forms or phone numbers or live chat corner on you website will surely make users easy to contact you at any time form anywhere.


 8.404 pages errors:

As a business owner website needs to be easily assessable to visitors and if it bounces on 404 errors then it’s really a bad impression. So better you avoid 404 errors. Easy way to do is check all the structure, flow of your website and should be effortless and simple to navigate. If any page is deleted, direct it properly so that 404 error is not occurred.


 9.Update website:

keeping website fresh is big task, updating all the pages on regular basis is way to attract more traffic to your website. Not content but also images plays an important role. With content visual content keeps customers engaging and stay on website for longer durations. High ranking depends on the streamlined images, use of infographics and updated content. Google prefers to rank the website that has use of images, visual content that is very engaging for visitors.


 10. Working on URLs:

we normally see to that URLs are good enough to understand. But it’s not the case; either URLs are too short or too long. This doesn’t work. In comprehension, no indication of the page or least combination of all the above aspects. Web page URLs must not be too short or too big, they should be good enough to be understood by the customers or visitors. URLs need to have keywords in that which makes it more effective to crawl.


 11. Website loading time:

website loading is also important point to be noted. If the website is taking time to load then the visitors turn away and it’s sure that they might not return to your website. So it’s highly recommended that website needs to be very efficient and quick in loading images, videos and content.


 12. Website responsiveness:

This is a vital part of your website. The buzzword “Responsive website” or “Responsive web design” is making website more svital as it has to be mobile responsive or tablet responsive. So website content needs to be readable and assessable from any kind of devices all over the world. You also need to ensure about the content needs to be appropriately fixed and fitted to any size of screen.


 13. Website readability scores:

What’s this? You must be thinking. Yes, readability scores defines how easy is your web content to read and understand, is it easy or hard, good or bad. The quality of the content. Google focus on accessibility, usability of content including the readability of the content. Google with the help of Flesch-Kincaid readability test, this actually measures the sentence length and amount of syllables used.


 14. Optimising Metadescription:

Mostly overlooked part by all! SEO expert Melbourne updates this part on regular basis so that it helps in Google to crawl. The minimal descriptive content to enhance your websites value by integrating in backend. These also act as call-to-action to click and get the traffic to your website.


 15. Google Analytics:

A power pack tool to get all the reports that you need in just one click. This is one stop solution to get all the reports of performances to location, demographics and traffic with each and individual pages.


 16. Google Webmasters:

Follow the webmaster tools guidelines that provide vital information about web design and SEO. It is most important information source and is updated regularly that reflects the Google algorithm changes.


 17. Linking Social Media:

Social media is big and powerful platform to reach the targeted audiences worldwide. Linking social media in your website will surely help to attract more and more audiences. Just make sure that your content, current happenings in company are viewable on social media to audiences.


 18. Check on Google updates and Penalties:

Google is the best place in digital world and use it. Just keep an eye on Google updates that takes place often. These updates are user friendly for all using these services. Just to name few algorithms like Panda, penguin and hummingbird that Google uses to determine how web pages should be ranked. So it is beneficial to adapt the Google updates to maintain and retain your website ranking as the Google search engines progresses over the time


 19. Make use of local listings:

Yes, using local SEO will surely help you be on local area listing. The local pack provides information about your services to nearby places that matches to searches, quires.


 20. SEO Results are not immediate:

You need to wait for some time like weeks or months to get the results. The results might take longer depending on the SEO work done by you.


 21. Be more patient with new website:

You have to be more patient with new websites. As it takes time to develop authority, trust. For outranking site, you need to first get authority and trust.

Now it’s time to get ready and adapt change in time! Doing analysis, research and listening to Google will surely help you to understand how SEO and implementing that with the help of SEO Expert Melbourne will help you to rank your website. I will soon coming with 21 SEO Tips for Small Business –Part II. I hope that as a reader you have gained enough of knowledge today regarding SEO and enjoyed reading this article. Webplanners is Melbourne based SEO Company that provides full suite of SEO services, web designing, developing and more over digital marketing services including search engine optimisation. Get in touch with us for more information on SEO services and we will be your helping hand for getting in digital world and have successful web space.

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