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These 6 Mistakes In AdWords Can Eat Your Marketing Dollars

Google AdWords is the paid pilot of your business that give you high ranks, quality conversions and produce higher sales. In spite of the fact that entrepreneurs use AdWords regularly, many accounts are badly maintained and have lost substantial amounts of money on ineffective ads.

 Find out where you went wrong through these 6 must-to-be-avoided mistakes: - 

1: Unsuitable Keyword Match Types

If you are familiar with the AdWords world, you would know that targeting broad phrases are ideal whereas exact keyword matches are more achievable. For instance: if "SEO Company in Melbourne" is your keyword, then broad keyword searches give generalised results of any company in Melbourne that does SEO. Meanwhile specific keyword searches such as "Website planning in Melbourne SEO"  is more specific and hones in to a company that may specialise in website planning. What this means is while broader search terms will generate more traffic compared to specific ones, it may be harder and take longer to rank higher for it. 

2: Loose Bunching Of Keywords

With an idea of being in the top SERP's, don't overlook the thought of making a relevant and meaningful segmentation of keywords. A professional PPC Company won't just lump all keywords, but rather, will make closely related terms stack together (at max 10) under an Ad Group which brings the customers to suitable landing pages.

3: Forgetting Negative Keywords

A very common mistake is giving minor or no attention to the negative search terms. When the visitor opens your page with the search "scam property investors" while your keyword said "property investors", this might give you traffic but the over bounce rate would tear your brand reputation. So, if there are some certain searches that you don't want to be found, under use the minus sign for such keywords.**

4: Directing People to Homepage

You paid for your ads to come on top, you linked the keywords with your site, then the consumer clicks and lands to your home page when really they wanted to go to the service page. Right away if the link doesn't direct them to the right page on the first go, you've already lost them. This is going to be a budget killer for you. A dedicated landing page is imperative to maintaining sensible traffic on your site.

5: Not Taking the Use of Extension and Brand Bidding

With the ad extensions, you can write great details about yourself such as contact info and product description which makes an improvement in CTR. This may even help boost your SEO. There must be an approach or strategy towards your brand promotion that would disallow your competitors from poaching your customers, a reason for them to stay loyal and want your products over theirs. 

6: No Competitor and Conversion Tracking

What is the point of a PPC campaign if you don't make any effort in recording and analysing the statistics. Proper tracking of how your budget has performed, which landing page is making results and what keywords are working will save you a deal of time and money for the next time around. In addition, it is important to know who all your competitors are, their strategy and then how you will counter it with yours. As a result, with all of this in mind, utulising and analysing these campaigns properly will make the next campaign even more successful. 

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