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What's the Appropriate Time for Backlink Cleanup?

If you are a keen and attentive visitor to the ever changing SEO world, you must have gone over the changes in past year and a half. So now that you know that link removal is all it takes to identify and get rid of those harmful backlinks, you can certainly refer a number of online tutorials explaining how to go about identifying and getting rid of harmful backlinks.

If you have the tools, time, patience, and the most important - ability to follow step-by-step articles, then backlink cleanup has to be done; even if it's arduous. However, online tutorials usually do not guide you on when to cleanup your backlink profile. So if you want to know the best time for link clean-up, you might not get the solution from online guides.


FAQs regarding link clean-up:

  •       Should I wait until I receive an unnatural link warning from Google?
  •       Or should I deal with the spammy, paid link filled time bomb quivering in the backlink portfolio on my own?
  •       Will the same kind of cleanup address both penalties and penalties waiting to happen?


You can go about link cleanup in one of the two ways:

      If you have received a manual penalty or an unnatural links warning, or you are not getting ranks like you used to get earlier and suspect some algorithmic penalty; you may have to go for massive link cleanup


      When you are well aware of the fact that your backlink profile is a spammy and paid-link-filled time bomb waiting to blow, then conducting gradual backlink maintenance is advisable 

Even if you are conducting a backlink audit anyway, gradual one would be better. 

You might have noticed your rankings changing drastically; it's not always the result of 'negative SEO' or any algorithmic penalty but it’s simply because your competitors have quite a better job than you at getting consistent, quality backlinks. Thus, when you see an inexplicable drop in your Website's performance, the best remedy for this could be a batch of fresh links accompanied with selective backlink removal.


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