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Simple, Non-technical SEO Tips for Small Businesses

When it comes to marketing a business, any small business hardly has ad budgets, marketing personnel, and specific time to spend on marketing. In today's economy, every business has tremendous competition in market and without investing resources; it becomes very difficult to reach professional goals. All these factors hardly matter to search engines on Internet and thus, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one great way to market your business.


Regardless of what business you do, it's most likely that you have a business Website. You may use your business site just for marketing and displaying your contact information or you may greatly rely on it for selling all your products and services to customers. Whatever the purpose is, it’s critically important for your site to follow all fundamental principles of SEO. SEO improves the online visibility of your site and enables it to rank high on search engine pages. This ranking leads to attract new customers and promotes your business to reach more number of target customers.


A beautifully designed user-friendly site is always good for a company but the one with no traffic is absolutely bad. Thus, if you are a small business owner, it's always better to be aware of all the factors contributing to both good business site and good customer traffic.


Have a look at some quick tips to improve your business site's SEO and gain excellent search engine rankings:


ü  Maintain a simple, well-designed, attractive, and user-friendly site for your business


ü  Create interesting, precise content for people who can be your potential customers; make sure that the content adds to the look of your site rather than just occupying a lot of space


ü  Try to understand what exactly people want to know about your business, what do they want to purchase, and what would they like to see on your site; deliver the exact and precise information accordingly


ü  Research well on the most commonly used terms and phrases by people to search for products and services in your industry; make wise use of keywords throughout the content


ü  Improve your site's speed


ü  Optimise your site for local search, for most of people search for local services on search engines; employ Google local business listing tool for that


ü  Start quality blogging on your business site and maintain it active on regular basis; new, fresh content is what search engines love and blog is the best way to produce one


ü  Start using free social bookmarking tool by bookmarking your business site on high page ranking social bookmarking sites; this helps you drive more traffic


ü  Start submitting your business site to popular business directories, first local and then global


ü  Create internal and external links to your site and individual pages


ü  Focus on refining internal linking


ü  Make sure you remain active on social media and effectively create a strong presence of your business in every possible way


ü  Keep yourselves updated with every latest issue in SEO industry


These strategies definitely help your small business reach a greater platform of target customers and obtain greater leads.


Webplanners specialises in providing SEO services for small business and is known for its affordable SEO services in Australia. Our SEO expert services ensure you to get your business Website on top search engine rankings as soon as possible and drive maximum traffic thereby. Try out our services and generate greater leads!

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