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Most Powerful SEO Strategies 2016

It is time to re-evaluate your old SEO strategies and ensure that you are following the right SEO strategies. In the digital world, you have to fight with competitor websites offering to get online viewer’s attention. SEO is a practice for creating the digital presence that works with search engine algorithms. It’s important to keep up with the latest SEO trends and strategies. Here are top 6 SEO techniques that can optimise your website and also help your page to rank higher.

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Most Powerful SEO Strategies in 2016 used by SEO Company in Melbourne

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Creating Mobile friendly site
  • Mobile SEO
  • Link Building

Keyword Research:

The functions of Keyword research have stayed stable in 2016. Keywords research helps to build additional content. By using webmaster tool, you can get the best performing keywords, new keyword opportunities, the combination of keywords phrases, trending topics with low competition. You will also get to know target audience needs and interests. The most important point that you have to implement is to have long tail keywords and structure your content with respect to keyword theme.

The tools that you can use for getting keywords ranking and new keywords are like Google’s Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, searchmetrics’ keyword analysis tool, Google trends, Google news, Google parser,

Important note: please keep an eye on the competitors’ websites and check out top ranking pages and keywords and buy links if required.

On-Page SEO:

Many SEO Companies in Melbourne focus on On-page optimisation which consists of 3 parts- Word count, Internal Links and use of headers and Meta descriptions for the website.

  • Longer word count and making use of relevant keywords terms in content proves as a value asset
  • Make use of keywords in H1, Meta Descriptions, and first paragraph and conclusion para of content would really help your website to rank.
  • With content, internal linking is also the vital part. You have to optimise overall link building structure in website
  • interlinking with a relevant blog post and limiting 2-3 links in every article
  • Using headers and Meta description including H1 tags.

Content Marketing:

The content plays key role as it helps in getting top rank for your website. The content needs to focus on publishing longer word count, unique and comprehensive content that engages audiences’ curiosity and interests. To get best results from Content marketing, Market Strategy and Webplanners - SEO Company in Melbourne focuses on

  • Effective and attractive blog title
  • Checking quality of content
  • Including Heading, bullets and list in blogs
  • Maintaining quality of inbound and outbound links
  • Including long tail keywords

There are many tools available for content discovery and ideas, content creations and marketing.

Creating Mobile friendly site:

For creating a mobile friendly site, you have to focus on mobile network speed, bullets, numbering and including internal and external links. It is recommended to use Tools like Google page speed insights, Pingdom, GT Matrix. It is recommended to maintain clear, responsive website design for your mobile site and app.

Mobile SEO:

The important points to focus on Mobile SEO are

  • File size and site speed
  • Mobile - friendly format and structure
  • Keywords
  • Use of HTML instead of flash
  • Relevant interlinks and optimised images

Link Building:

In this part, we have to avoid submitting content to spam web directories, article directories, forum links and link exchanges. It is necessary to make sure that your content is ‘SEO FRIENDLY’. At time of building backlinks, you have to focus on below points:

  • High Domain Links
  • Guest blogging
  • Social Media
  • Competitor links
  • Creating Infographics and submitting it
  • Check on broken link and redirect the same
  • Videos posting
  • Including outbound link

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