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How SEO Will Change in 2015 – Predictions

For online marketers and SEO strategists, the process of education never ends as SEO is continuously evolving. Trends and techniques dominating few years back are not even relevant in the SEO age today. From algorithm updates to changing user behavior, there are several elements that influence SEO fundamentally. In 2014, SEO strategies were highly focused on localization and mobile devices, and marketing tactics were developed incorporating these changes.


Due to the evolving nature of SEO, it has become very difficult for marketers to keep up with it. Here are few SEO predictions for the year 2015 –


    • - Real-time analytics – Analytical data has played an important role in SEO, but now real-time analytics is taking over regular analytics. Real-time analytics is powerful as it marketers to make changes to their SEO strategies and online campaigns in real-time.


    • - Mobile usability – Dominance of mobile optimization will continue to dominate and there will be greater emphasis on mobile usability. It is expected that Google may include stricter criteria for mobile user experience in ranking of SERPs. Websites that overlook mobile usability and generate errors for mobile devices may face penalty from Google.


    • - Visual Content – In 2014, there was emphasis on integrating different forms of content in your content marketing strategy. 2015 is expected to witness rise in value of visual content for marketing. From infographics to memes, there are chances that visual content will be given priority by Google SERPs.


    • - Email – There has been a lot of debate around sustainability and efficiency of emails for marketing. But, in 2015, it is expected that personalized and user targeted emails will survive and perform better than other methods. But, content of these marketing emails will severely influence performance.


    • - Shift from Long Tail Keyword Searches - In this year, searches will be more focused on user behavior and mobile habits instead of long tail keywords. Websites that fail to tailor their content to the behavior of mobile and desktop users may experience significant drop in their ranking in search results.



Over the year 2015, SEO is expected to be fast-paced and any business cannot afford to lag behind in their efforts. How much SEO trends surprise marketers will be evident in the coming months.

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