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Commonly Faced Problems by Social Media Marketers

Social media marketing is the latest buzzword in online marketing as these tools hold significant solutions for brand building. As social media is maturing, it has become very difficult to assess effectiveness of the social media activities worldwide. Are you worried over your social media marketing campaigns? Well, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Hundreds of marketers around the world are struggling with social media marketing. In fact, for most business owners, problem starts with how to use and tackle social media campaigns for benefit of their business.



Here are few commonly faced problems by social media marketers –


    • - Effectiveness of social media efforts – Though businesses are constantly experimenting with their social media campaigns, it is very difficult to measure how effective particular campaign or activity on social media.


    • - Content creating that targets audience and compliments SEO efforts – Influence of social media is being seen on SEO too. So, marketers need to create content that not only engages audience but also helps SEO efforts. Optimizing social media content for search engines and audience is turning out to be difficult.


    • - Audience outreach – With almost every business trying to create their space and mark their social presence, getting message to the target audience base has become difficult. Most businesses are making the mistake of not understanding the social media behavior of their target audience before executing their efforts. This results in ineffective audience outreach.


    • - Approach – Social media marketing cannot be executed with a standard approach for all platforms or networks. There is a need to craft-channel specific experience while maintaining brand identity and marketers need to develop specific personality for each channel.


    • - Analyzing data gathered through social media channels – Social media channels generate lot of data relevant to user behavior and habits. But, marketers are still clueless on how to analyze user generated data and utilize it to make their campaigns more effective and rewarding.



Marketers need to address these concerns to get a better visibility to their social media marketing campaigns and generate better outcomes. At Webplanners , we strive to present our clients with innovative and effective social media marketing solutions for their business.

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