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Why Google Search Engine Rankings Fluctuate?

Internet is a place of cut-throat businesses that are going extra mile to earn reputation online. After months of effort you feel proud and excited that your business has finally made it in the top two ranking on the search engine. You feel motivated and deploy more resources and time towards the continuance of popularity. But again in days you see that the ranking drops down to the older pages. You are left puzzled when nothing went wrong from your side, how did this happen.

Why Google Search Engine Rankings Fluctuate? - SEO Company Melbourne

SEO Company in Melbourne has taken the pain to keep its clients aware of such happenings and tell them what actually causes such varying fluctuations. A few checklists and reasons comprise: -

Algorithm Update

It is a constant phenomenon in this online world for websites. Often it becomes difficult to cope up with the updates just after they are announced and largely with the smaller ones. Google surveys on some factors which are not equipped then and pulls the site down.

New and Old Links

The mention of new links can either establish the site or ruin your status as per its trust issues. Similarly when an old link is lost on which the website was highly relied, can cause the site to trigger down.  

The Technical Impact

SEO Company in Melbourne have always kept an eye on technical interruptions like the page error, tags absence, inaccessibility for the Google to crawl or index or the slower speed of page, which is a major cause for sudden fall.

The Uninformed Changes

There are constant changes that take place on the site by the SEO Companies. It might be the content update or link removal, what matters is that the change should be known to the team and doesn’t affect the crawling process.

Other Factors

The server issues, decline in click through rate changes, inbound link strategies and different unnoticed glitches could result in the unexpected deviation of rankings.

So, the SEO Services in Melbourne are comprehensively done with all basic elements kept in mind that even a minor error or bug could make the business invisible from the prior rankings.

To have a successful road for your business in online journey, join your hands with an accomplished SEO Company in Melbourne. Visit Webplanners at or dial (03)95100717. 

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