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Increasing the Productivity of Your Blog


Increasing the productivity of your blogs is very important for online success of your site and eventually your business. Blogging is one of the most effective SEO strategies; however, blogging has to be improved to higher levels of productivity in order to gain absolutely good traffic.


There are bloggers who write for passion and others write for making money. The former ones need to constantly improve their blogging skills and the later ones need to acquire the tactics for blogging with improving skills.


Here are a few really effective tips to help you increase the productivity of your blogging:


ü  Improve your blogs so as to get indexed properly on search engines

ü  Perform keyword research and put those KWs in a perfect way!

ü  Make sure that the titles of your blogs must be attractive as well as informative

ü  Know the exact difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

ü  Perform both, on-page as well as off-page optimisation


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