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Benefits Of Having XML Sitemap In Your Website

The very purpose to build your empire online is that the customers are able to find you in real time. It is your job to see that the audience can conveniently reach your website and can uninterruptedly jump from one page to another. But before this happens, the prior process is the indexing of site which needs a map of the site structure for accessibility.  

Among the various SEO Services in Melbourne, XML Sitemap, once thought to be unimportant yet today is the needed course. The SEO Company in Melbourne and abroad are doing well with the XML and HTML format of Sitemap to direct the navigators, efficiently index the site and drive traffic.

Benefits Of Having XML Sitemap in Website - Webplanners

What is XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is a communication pathway for the search engine as well as the customers to navigate through the sites. It is a document that tells the search engine which all pages of the site are to be indexed, with knowing the website structure. It is a single page layout, which is testimonial of what links are there in the site, its relevance, modified links and the different sections it has. 

What importance does XML Sitemap has?

Here we list down the benefits of Sitemap mentioned by the SEO Company in Melbourne: -

1:  Easy Navigation by Crawler And Customer

When there is hierarchical structure of links submitted to the crawler or the search engine, it becomes easy for the bot to crawl. This is useful in complicated setup of links, or on new site or when the site has dynamic pages.

2:  Automatic Update Notification

A known fact is that the frequently updated site scores better ranking than the usual ones. But the concern with regular updating is the requisite to inform search engine every time, which might take a while longer for indexing. In this case, if you have Sitemap, it lets the Google know itself the time you update or modify content.

3:  Setting Priority List

When you open a sitemap there is an optional tag to refer pages that are priorities on the site. Search engine can then know which pages are most important on the website and follow what indexing the site in order.

4:  Providing Temporal Information

With two optional tags in sitemap you can have the power to pass on more information to the search engine. Last mod and change freq, former tells when the page was changed last time and the later informs about possibilities of change.

5:  Classifying the Content

Apart from putting out duplication of content, XML Sitemap also lends hand in having content categorisation. This in turn helps the search engine to know the relevance and importance of content on the site and frame which page to be listed under which category.

With so many progressive advantages, XML Sitemap is highly recommended by SEO Company in Melbourne for having speedy indexing and higher ranking on search pages.

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