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How to Measure ROI on SEO Efforts

SEO Melbourne how to measure ROI

Increasing sales and profit are the prime objectives of any SEO campaign. With online marketing gaining momentum with all types and sizes of businesses, SEO has become priority for every business. When you plan a SEO strategy for your business, you need to invest time, money and efforts in it. But every business using SEO faces a big question – how to calculate Return on Investment on their SEO efforts? SEO is not paid advertising; returns on SEO cannot be calculated in the same way as paid advertising. Check our new blog here.

SEO tactics and optimization of websites is critical for every business. Here are the ways to calculate returns on SEO strategy –

  • Quality of traffic – Getting hundreds of visitors to your website daily won’t yield any result if traffic is unrelated to your website. It is crucial that the traffic is relevant to your service or products so quality of traffic is more important than quantity. You can access Google Analytics to identify quality of traffic to the website. Check metrics like time spent on site, bounce rate, pageviews and others for measuring traffic quality.
  • Sales – While assessing performance of your SEO efforts, especially ecommerce site, measure the sales rather than leads. In case of other websites, measure the number of enquiries received through Contact Us form or people who directly approached from contact details on website.
  • Non-branded organic traffic - When the company ranks in top search results for well-attached keyword searches, it is a good sign for SEO. But, you need to check whether the visitors are coming by searching for your business using brand name. Along with brand name, it is very important to get non-branded organic traffic. To check non-branded organic traffic in Google Analytics, you can check the Organic Report section under Keywords under Acquisition.

Analyzing the trends and data in Google Analytics will give an exact idea of ROI on your SEO efforts. If you are a business owner, contact the expert SEO company in Melbourne, for implementing and analyzing your SEO campaigns.

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