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Why Magento 2 is the right choice for your business?

Introduction of Magento

The introduction of Magento has boosted businesses performance by providing a high level of creativity and customization. Magento ecommerce development became a trending subject in the online market mainly because of its flexibility. Developers could grab functions from pre-defined extensions and innovate a lot more than usual.

Magento allowed website to become more attractive, inviting and meaningful - and it allowed websites to be customised to a whole new level. 

But one of the greatest concerns are the constant updates and advancements that always occur on this platform. It creates a whole bigger need for developers to keep up with the time, and to hold businesses hands as they go through this change together. So should you keep up with the times and upgrade to Magento 2?

Magento 1 Vs 2 

Magento 1 offers a comprehensive set of features that create a magnetic site for your business. And the best part is, whether you're running a business in the fashion, food and beverage or automotive industry, Magento won't let you down. It just offers so much more flexibility to create the website you only dream of.

So, why the upgrade?

Magento's constant improvements on their levels of scalability and usability has brought to life the existence of Magento 2. For example, while in Magento 1 when products were added to a cart, it would take quite a few valuable seconds for the shopping cart to process this. In the latest edition, this won't happen - boosting the overall user experience.

Years of Magento

Magento 1 came way back in 2008 when the demand of businesses and rules of Google were different. It was formulated to let the brands back then work on another level and earn a bigger reputation. And it worked, with over 25% of Ecommerce stores worldwide involved in the method. This open source platform based on PHP has in 2015 brought happiness for the Magento Developers. It released the Magento 2 beta version and allowed all the shops to enjoy infinite levels of customisation and control. 

Advantages of Magento 2

People were looking forward for a service that:

✓ Improved the tailor-made features

✓ Faster PHP version

✓ Speed and smoothness

Magento 2 has it all. Here are few major traits it carries:

● You can access worldwide

Now your business knows no limits. With the ultimate new Magento ecommerce solution you can go international with your brand and sit on top of fame.

● Your SEO is easily optimised

The optimisation capability has seen a progress with the latest development. Customers can now find your site, visit the link and add to your traffic.

● Get a simplified version

As a Magento ecommerce development company, we've noticed that the new instalment by Magento is made for even the newest of users; because various items on the platform are more easily navigable than before. You can run from one pattern to another, choose different themes and accept any variation with less effort.

● You find a responsive design

Since Google has spoken a lot about a site that opens on various devices, Magento has worked to make responsiveness better than ever in Magento 2. This updated version had made it easier to seamlessly browse across all devices.

● You can experience the improved performance

Experts say that your site shouldn't take more than 3 seconds to load - given that our attention spans just can't handle the frustrations of waiting. Magento 2 has brought a faster PHP that allows a speed movement and a loading time way faster than 2-3 seconds.

● You get a cheaper version

Also, the budget has been cut short, and installing new features and extensions is much cheaper than it used to be. The overall maintenance has dropped in terms of money - making it even more accessible by people with a lower budget!

● You enjoy simple integration

Things haven't just been made easier with the integration of a variety of databases such as web/cloud applications and third-party tools - but Magento 2 also combines with popular payment gateways such as Paypal and BrainTree. 

So, the answer to whether or not you should upgrade to Magento 2 is only 1000 times, yes!

Advance your functionality to a whole other level. Get ready with the right resources, campaigns, tools and feature to make work even easier!

If you're still not sold on Magento 2 or you're ready to find a Magento ecommerce developer in Melbourne, give us a call at (03) 9510 0717.  

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