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How powerful Video Marketing boosts SEO?

First there was text and then images... Now make way for video content, the next SEO contender. The trend is clear, viewing video on a website from mobile or other devices is the best way to engage your visitors.

"Video Traffic will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020"

Video content has always been around but was never really seen as a means for SEO. As a result, it is gaining huge popularity in the advertising and marketing industry, having businesses flock to it like flies to honey on a stick. Video content is effortless to watch and retain information and it makes visitors stay on the website for longer. Good and clear video content with a dash of eccentricity, perseverance and patience can evolve your website leading to better conversion rates.

Benefits of Video Content

Videos raises your website hits and stats

​People being captivated by rich video snippets and give thumbs up to such sites helps Google know that these websites have good content and is worth visiting. As a result, companies which have utilised it in their SEO strategies has seen positive results in ranking with search engines. Some things to expect when using video content

  • You find an increase in traffic
  • You earn links
  • Your SERP ranking escalates
  • You experience better conversion rate

Video Adds Content Value

Google and it's website ranking algorithms respond well to relevant content that matches what your business provides. Although writing web content, blogs and images has always been absolute magnetic, combining video content adds values and creates a user friendly experience that keeps them on your website for longer.

Video Shares Social Presence

Video content and its share ability across most social media channels increases reach and influence for not just your brand image but extends to your website and the products or services your business offers. Although social media hits does not have a direct effect on SEO, however when done correctly (Such as using appropriate titles, content in video etc.), it can indirectly lead people into your website and thus increase hits and rankings.

Video Is Effective In Sales

A picture says thousands of words but a video shows a hundreds of pictures so how many words is that? We calculated it to be a minute of video provides up to a value of 1.8 million texts! Obviously that is not how it works but the point is you can convey an abundant of meaningful messages and content with videos that can get straight to the point and look good while doing it. A rule of thumb is a short and sweet video connects faster and has higher retention rates.

For example: a quick video of your brand, product or service can establish trust and provide crucial information to the visitors so then they can spend more time interacting and shopping on your site rather than researching through other sites. If everything they need to know is in one place then what need is their to leave it?


Videos are making it easier way communicate simply because it's entertaining and easy. Video content is still an under utilised SEO tool, but, when wielded correctly, it is a powerful tool for consumer engagement and increasing SEO.

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