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How to Increase Visibility on Pinterest

While creating their social media strategies, businesses make the common mistake of concentrating the efforts on just 1 or 2 platforms. They tend to overlook new social media platforms and miss out on amazing opportunities. Marketers are slowly realizing the endless potential held by Pinterest as a marketing platform, and it is not surprising to find them flocking towards Pinterest. Fun, creative and smart, Pinterest has redefined social media marketing. Whether you are new to Pinterest or have been using it for some time, you surely face the challenge of increasing the visibility of your business on Pinterest.


From increasing brand value to contributing to social presence, there are several benefits of including Pinterest in marketing strategies. Here are few ways to increase visibility on Pinterest –

1. Hashtags – Use relevant and precise hashtags with your posts but make sure you do not use more than 3 hashtags in a single description. Too may hashtags take away the interest of the visitors and give a spammy look to the post.

2. Optimization – Optimize your profile to reflect your brand name and business details in an effective manner. Right from selection of user name to keyword rich descriptions, there are various ways to optimize your Pinterest profile.

3. Privacy settings – One of the major objectives of your Pinterest account is to increase the social media visibility of your business. So, it is advisable to turn off the page’s search privacy settings present under ‘Settings’ in the account.

4. Image Quality – Remember, in Pinterest, images have the highest value and importance. So, always emphasize on high quality, relevant and clear images. You need to be very careful with your image selection. Remember, higher the uniqueness of the image, higher is its share value and it will give you a chance of standing out.

5. Verification – Get your website verified as the verification mark on the profile reflects trust, reliability and credibility. Verification procedure of Pinterest is quick and easy, so make sure you do not skip it.


Pinterest gives businesses opportunity to stay creative and innovative in their social media marketing efforts. Higher visibility and greater engagement, Pinterest is full of opportunities for businesses!

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Monday, 22 July 2024