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SEO For Time Poor Business Owners

Another year has flown by, and many businesses have performed well to secure their ranks on the first page. Did you manage to achieve the target or are you still running low on time & resources to focus much of your attention on SEO?

Handling a versatile number of clients at our SEO company in Melbourne, we understand how troubling it can be for many business owners to successfully operate a business, while also maintaining website rankings and keeping up with SEO. So, read on to find out about an SEO strategy that will reduce the time that you will have to spend on SEO, by teaching you smarter strategies, rather than asking you to spend more time on it.

One of the key problems for a lot of business owners is knowing what you have to do, but not having enough time to do it. In this digital age, one of those things that 'you know you have to do' is simply creating a web presence that will get your business in front of the right people. But for time-poor business owners, their marketing managers or their team that strives to reach KPIs –sometimes you don't have the time or resources to complete this.

So what can you do if you're short of time but want your website to be found easily?

The first step is generally an SEO Audit. It's one of three components, and one of the most important components as well. If you're time poor, there is really no better place to start than getting a professional SEO company to check your website for you. 

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a detailed assessment and report of your website's health. For Webplanners, we assess over 200+ factors when it comes to seeing what you can do to improve your website. 

With this health check of your website, the first thing you can identify is where you went right or wrong - which will help you to resolve any problematic areas, as well as help you stay on track with the latest developments.

If you want to know how your website's doing – request a free audit from us! 

Request a free website audit!

What's the next step?

Onpage optimisation:

If you're working with a user-friendly CMS, a lot of the times, you can go in and do it yourself. Once you're able to analyse what's right or wrong with your website – you can action on page activities, that is to say; the things on your website. This includes adding in keywords to your content, updating meta tags, alt tags, creating interlinking, organised site architecture and so forth. And we know what you might be thinking, "I thought this article was for time poor business owners wanting to improve their SEO?"

And you're right. Not many people have a lot of time to write huge pages of content unless they have a dedicated content writer or a freelancer.

Instead, we suggest creating small regular changes to content, meta tags and so on. Regular content updates are so much more effective than huge updates that only happen once a year!

Additional Offpage Activities:

Onpage and offpage go hand in hand. You would hope that if you create good web content that people will see your company as a thought leader or a valuable source of information. Creating backlinks and getting other websites to refer to your website will give you a bump up and score you major brownie points from search engines like Google.

If you still think you're too time poor to do a bit of SEO, we won't say that it isn't a hard job. Even as a dedicated SEO Company, we need to keep on the grind to keep up with Google. If you've reached the end of this blog thinking about how this is still too much work, you may consider looking to outsource your SEO to professionals.

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