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Tweets in Google Search Results – Deal Struck Between Twitter and Google

With 140 character tweets and hash tags, Twitter has changed the way people communicate and express themselves on social media. It has also transformed the way people consume news and reflect their thoughts and opinions. Since its founding, Twitter has evolved significantly and it continues to refine its experience and broaden the user base around the world. On eve of its financial results for the last quarter of the year, Twitter has entered into a deal with Google to make tweets more searchable online. This partnership between Google and Twitter will put real time tweets into Google Search results and make the 140 character messages more visible on the Internet.


It is not the first time that Google and Twitter have entered into a deal for tweets to appear in search results. Earlier in 2009, there was a similar agreement made between both the companies but this agreement was not renewed in 2011. After 2011, Google had to crawl Twitter services for indexing tweets to appear in search results. Under the new deal, tweets will directly appear in the search results thus reducing the time that was involved in indexing. The deal is big for both the companies as each one has something to gain from it. This deal is expected to generate revenue and traffic for Twitter while it will give highly valuable time-sensitive information to Google. Web search market is still dominated by Google and presence of Twitter content in search results will help Twitter add new users and broaden its user base. In return, Google would receive data that its can utilize to serve ads and serve its users.


With the deal getting finalized, it is expected that it will take few months for the changes to roll out. So, users can expect to find tweets in their Google Search results in the first half of 2015. This alliance has brought immense attention to both companies, Twitter and Google, and market analysts are waiting to see its influence on revenues of the companies.

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