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How to get SEO ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo?

      The businesses today are rushing for the best ranking in their market place. SEO Company in Melbourne knows a high ranking is supposedly recognition for the company, a trait of being in good books of customers, and eventually giving high traffic and sales. Let’s open the book to know the golden points to get SEO ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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       ❖ SEO Ranking in Google:

  • A meaningful and updated content: Content plays a substantial role when ranking is considered. A content which is published with relevance to customer’s perception and is regularly updated turns out to be beneficial.
  • High-volume Keywords: The website address should contain keywords which are having high volume. Have your website optimized for keywords of high search through your content and headings.
  • Press Release: Get your site advertised through press release which indexes your page at a faster rate.
  • Website Design: A good design which is uncomplicated for the viewers to go through makes Google rank your site higher.
  • Alt Tags: The graphics you provide to your website should be user-friendly. Provide them with al tags as to describe what they are for, with significant keywords to help Google recognize them.

  ❖ SEO Ranking in Yahoo:

  • Bing Webmaster Tool: Similar to Google, you can find free software to analyze your website regarding different statistics and omit errors.
  • On-Page SEO: SEO Company in Melbourne starts with on-page optimization of your site that includes optimizing titles and content, use of high density keywords, and use of Meta keywords.
  • Authorship: Bing has integrated with Klout and has allowed the owner of published content to have claim on it. The ranking gets proportionately affected by the number of owned content by the site owner.
  • Social Activity: Being active on different social platforms is equally important to promote your site.
  • Site Structure: An improved navigation of your site, crawling rate, RSS feeds and sitemaps help Bing to rank your site faster.

   ❖ SEO Ranking in Yahoo:

  • Keyword Research: A proper survey on what keywords have higher density or intense search should be done as to use them in content and site name.
  • No text in images: Encrypting your text in images may hinder the Yahoo to find your website pages.
  • Interlinking: Keep a meaningful cross-link of the related sites for customers to be able to understand them and gain higher ranking.
  • Right tools: Go for choosing the right professional tools for your site analysis and ranking ignoring the spam ones.

SEO Company in Melbourne recognizes such SEO Services to be of great importance in bringing ranking across different search engines. To know about Webplanners, the leading SEO Company in Melbourne and its renowned SEO Services, visit http://www.webplanners.com.au/ or call at (03) 9510 0717. Let your site be ranked globally.

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