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5 SEO Trends – 2014

One of the most fascinating features of Search Engine Optimisation is it’s the speed at which it changes. SEO is continuously evolving, and this evolving nature has kept SEO analysts and specialists on their toes. Over the past few years, there have been significant changes in SEO, and SEO strategies, trends, methods and roles have changed accordingly. For a strong underlying presence in the digital world, businesses need to focus on their SEO efforts. But to ensure that their SEO efforts are in the right direction, they need to stay updated with the latest SEO trends. A successful SEO strategy needs to incorporate different SEO components and integrate latest SEO trends, thus it will be equipped to shape their SEO success.   

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 Here are 5 SEO trends that are ruling the year 2014 and business should take note of –


  • -Content is still ruling the SEO arena, but the focus is on details. In 2014, there is a strong emphasis on creating interesting, unique and high-quality content for marketing. Visual content options like infographics and videos have been found to be extremely effective, followed by high quality blog posts and whitepapers.


  • -Semantic and conversational search has become more accurate and sophisticated. Naturally targeting conversational terms has been effective to boost online engagement and build brand loyalty.


  • -Optimisation of website for mobiles is no longer optional. Businesses have to focus on delivering their website and content to mobile platforms. It has become very important for businesses to separately develop mobile marketing and content strategy based on needs and requirements of mobile users.


  • -SEO for 2014 is not just about content quality, appearance plays an important role too. User Experience has become an important indicator of performance, and a rewarding user experience can only come from great design.


  • -SEO trends in 2014 have increased the importance of social media for brand building. Now, social media presence is not limited to ecommerce stores, even local business and services are increasingly opting for social media. Social media has become an important platform for website traffic referrals and dissemination of content. It is being deemed as a quicker way to get content to the target audience and increase visitors to the website.


Over the past year, traditional SEO methods and techniques have changed significantly. With changing aspects of SEO, businesses need to review their SEO strategies and evaluate whether it is fit for current trends or not.


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