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What everyone needs to know about local SEO

According to studies, about 63% of small-business owners in the U.S find information about local enterprises using the internet. An overwhelming majority of them make use of the search engines, and this mean, there are opportunities for the local SEO. There are things that you can do to optimize content and site and therefore, be able to attract customers.




You should begin by claiming your profile. This you can do by logging into yahoo local, Bing local and Google places and going through the process of verification. To verify the address, you will require a post card or even phone call. Ensure that upload your business’ pictures as the listing of the local site like providing them.


Ensure that you control and make use of information in the internet. A part of the local search optimization as well as marketing involves getting information from the other sites. The search engine considers reviews, pictures or any other information they may find on your company. Therefore, it is necessary to submit your information to services such as infoUSA and Localeze. You should be cautious as any wrong information that may be incorrect in any other site could get back to your local listing. In case, it happens, then you will be required to get back to the information source to ask for a rectification, and this may take time before the correction gets to the local listing.


For most local sites, they do not mind if you ask the customers for a review. There is no reason why you should not do it. Ask for a review in your thank you page, contact form invoice or email communication. Whether they are good or even bad, the reviews make the business creditable to the future customers. Avoid getting discouraged by the bad reviews. Since customers know that no company is perfect, they may become suspicious where all they find are favorable reviews. However, this does not mean that you encourage some reviews that are bad. Ensure that you include your local telephone number on your website. This could either be in text or image form. Even though the numbers may be good, they do not offer an indication of the location. Include also the address in all the pages of the website in order to re-enforce your geographical information.         


Try to think like the customer who is searching for the information. Consider what the searcher is likely to put in the search box in order to find you and thereafter buy your product. It is important to focus on the popular keywords as well as those that are likely to drive traffic to your website. Do not forget about the less popular keywords that can drive sales. You should also ensure that you treat your customers’ right. With the social media platform, there is a possibility of any good or bad news to spread like a wildfire. With these measures, it is possible to ensure that what is listed in the local SEO represents your company.



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