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Google AdWords – 5 Commonly Made Mistakes You should Avoid

With the rising demand for online marketing, paid advertising has also gained significant momentum in past years. Google AdWords is one of the most popular and powerful platforms for paid advertising, and is being used by small, medium and big businesses alike. Google AdWords is deemed to be one of the most profitable advertising methods, and is a great tool for getting qualified traffic to the website. But, it needs to be planned strategically else it can be turn out to be very expensive for the business.


Whether you are new to Google AdWords or have been using it for sometime, here are the commonly made mistakes you should avoid –


  • - Do not create plain or dull ad text. With Google AdWords, your ad has only 70 characters so use it to craft an irresistible message that reveals USP of your products.


  • - Do not overlook the importance of keyword matches as it has a big impact on your ads. AdWords allows you to use three different keyword matches – broad match, phrase match and exact match. You can start with exact match for precise targeting and then expand to phrase match and broad match.


  • - Do not avoid reviewing keyword performance regularly and make adjustments to your campaigns accordingly. Also, do not aggregate all keywords under a single ad-group, segment them into different groups according to similar keywords.


  • - Do not always target high click-through-rate as it does not turn out to be the best goal in all situations. You should also look for low hanging keywords with lower CTR as they turn to give more precise audience in most cases.


  • - Do not leave out on negative keywords. These keywords can make a huge advantage to your ad campaigns as they filter out irrelevant traffic.


Setting up a Google AdWords account is easy, but using it to the benefit of your business is the real challenge. So, don’t let poorly managed campaigns lead to wastage of your time, money and efforts. Experiment and optimize till you understand which combination works best for your business!


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