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Keeping up with Google's SERP algorithms

 If you could take a moment to imagine what professional SEO Companies around the world would be stressing out about, it's Google's everyday algorithm changes... However, what if we told you that there as a smarter way to do things? That the SEO strategies of 2007 isn't necessarily dead in 2018?

Google's algorithms hasn't necessarily affected those businesses and websites that are built on the premise of providing quality information to the people of the Internet. And that's basically it.

When you create quality information on a nicely organised website, you'll have more people looking on your website for sources of valuable information, as well as getting them to stay on your website longer.

You'll have other businesses and websites organically creating back links that are pointing back to your website, aggressively waving to Google to have a look at how amazing and relevant your website is. 

To create a good website requires a few key things:

  • ​Organised site architecture: There are a lot of benefits that come from having an organised website. Not only will people read more, they will also stay longer. By creating SEO Content Clusters, interlinking and sitemaps – Google will see it as a good website that is relevant to solving the users' problems.

  • Meaningful content: Gone are the days where Google searches solely for keywords and match phrases. Nowadays, Google searches for meaning within content in order to get searchers to find the answer they need as quickly as possible. Whether you're using synonyms scattered throughout the page, as long as the search engine can recognise your intent and what you're trying to communicate, you will be favoured in comparison to those that just engage in keyword stuffing.

  • Regular updates: Just like you wouldn't go to a retail store that sells the same item of clothing year after year, you wouldn't want a website to have the same content year after year. Regular updates not only keep users coming back for more knowing that you'll be providing something new and exciting, but it keeps Google happy as well. 

So does that mean that Google Algorithm updates don't mean a thing?

Google updates just means that corner-cutters and black-hat SEO tactics are good for nothing. This means a lot of good things coming to those who put a lot of effort into creating a valuable business website – and it means a waste of time to those who engage in keyword stuffing, spam comments and other black hat tactics.

Despite the constant changes in Google's algorithms, content remains king for now. As long as you're creating regular, insightful content that provides value to searchers and readers on the Internet, it will benefit your website's ranking. If you're not engaging in any black-hat tactics, you will remain in the good books, and can continue with business as usual! 

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Sunday, 16 June 2024