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SEO Company in Melbourne - Helps To Lead Your Business Ranking Over Google

Why top ranking in Google is important for any business owner? What the business gets from having a top ranking- a lion’s share in visitor’s, more clicks compared to 2nd position, the critical one is the other 8 listings in SERPs.

Seo Comany melbourne


SEO services in Melbourne acquainted with how to get on Google at no. 1 position. There are typically 2 ways-

1. Free/ Natural or Organic way that includes-organic listing, News, videos, maps, Places, Blogs, Images, and social Media updates.

2. Sponsored or advertisements

Here are few simple SEO practises to obtain Top Ten Rankings In Google

By following few basic SEO tips that SEO Company in Melbourne utilizes to obtain website on the top ten ranking in SERPs. There are typically three parts to inform Google what your business is all about and the importance of the pages is.

  • On Page – The actual content of the Webpage (in form of Text)
  • On-Site – Internal links to the target page
  • Off-Site – Links to the target page from other websites
  • The more you link pages in your website navigation structure; the additional importance given by Google to those pages, in relation to the rest of website at least.
  • Ensure to optimise 1 page for 1 keyword. It can also be multiple related key phrases.
  • Ensure to have a keyword rich page title, the content, key-phrases on the webpage and in the webpage link.
  • Link to the page inside your site with the anchor text “keyword” at least a few times
  • Going ahead work on deep linking and aim, promote your pages on other sites link with the anchor text “keyword” against the home page.

If you have a website -there is the usual stuff – home page, contact page, about us, map, services and products and blog. A blog assists you easily add pages.

The important question is what do you want to Rank on Top?

Here are a few questions that need to be focus on:

Company name and brand- Both company name and brand can be achieved by participating in social media and using other sites to rank for your brand. This can be easily achieved with On-Page optimisation.

Service, in your area- This is done with on-page optimisation - geographic references in the title and in the text for examples.

Service and Products- you need a few decent links or at least the same amount of links that your competitors have and include quality content with images. In general, the products and can bring in a 1000 other pages. The more pages on your site, the more Page rank you need to have. You need to get Press Release done, if you need incoming links.

For more detail SEO services in Melbourne, just get in touch with Market Strategies and Webplanners’ experts. We understand each business is unique and different. As a SEO expert we provide top SEO services worldwide with best results.

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