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  Embarking on the beautiful year, 2019 there are not only resolutions to be made for ourselves but for our businesses too. To let an idea reach the mass in today's time is easy yet tricky with internet and social media taking a toll on each one across age group. Additionally, you wouldn't want to experience a boomerang of an idea you so passionately invest in. Hence, here we are unmasking the secret tips for social media marketing trends.

#Instaway 1: The youth is your audience then Instagram is your superhero.

Youth today is #active on Instagram than it is on any other site. Hands glued to their phones and eyes on Instagram, here is where you can reach out through your Instagram page, feeds, stories, and millions of followers. On every purchase, you may write a Thank-you note to a happy customer and get more eyes and impress the buyer and their followers too. 

#Instaway 2:If Teasers are for Movies, Videos are for your Business.

Just as the movie can't do without a teaser, your business needs a promo video too. You may have definitely come across Grammarly, LinkedIn, Indeed such great sites using promo videos prior to any Youtube video you choose to see. Moment of truth, we all know the impact of these ads having us all on LinkedIn, Indeed and undoubtedly using Grammarly for all our contents. 

#Instaway 3:Build a professional network with your professional clientele.

LinkedIn can do wonders for you here with its Ads on the roll. Majority of your clients would be professionals giving you a reason to be alive on professional sites too. Understand your buyers' choices, lifestyle or preference and in turn use this professional site for the market. 

#Instaway 4:Blend your content in an appealing way but don't mend it.

You may have the best content specialists to assist you but do not load their content with forced keywords. It may look like a patch on the cloth and kill the natural feel of it. Let the content flow seamlessly and organically. Add keywords like salt in the food and prepare a captivating content for the reader. 

#Instaway 5:Enthrone your content with lingos, buzzwords, and humor.

Opening the door may be easy, stepping-in can be tougher but you need a reason to stay.

Give your customers a reason to stay on the blog. They may click on the link if they are looking for a product, a service or some information. They may even read the first few lines of it but finishing it till the end will need relatability. If they can't relate, can't find anything useful they are sure to withdraw. Your specialist will have to use the words used by your audience more than your keywords. Provide an answer to the frequently asked questions and debunk the myths to get your customer fixated and convinced. 

#Instaway 6:Give Mobility to your business and #BeFound.

Multi-Functional things are trending like bags, phone stand pen and a lot more to speak about. Similarly, your business needs to be multi-faceted. Accessible only through the laptop or computer can affect your business due to the exponential increase in the use of cell-phones and people whipping them out of the pocket to surf anything they need, anytime, anywhere. Your site and services too should be just a tap away for your users. Your audience is present everywhere so should it be with your business. 

#Instaway 7:Hear your audience out with voice searches.

Kids to senior members in the family, each one has a phone handy but not all are tech-savvy. Searching through keywords is easy, however, it needs the patience to type it out and even the familiarity. If your business is oriented towards a little child or to a senior member, they may need your service but won't have means to approach you. Voice out feature helps them speak long keywords too and trace you quickly, easily and effortlessly. 

#Instaway 8:On-page optimization can get you to win your customers.

Somethings don't change and one such thing for your business is SEO tactics. The interlinking will always do wonders for you. It provides answers to a customer query quickly and the use of chatbots helps in resolving the concerns at a personal level. On-page tactics are on-going, long-lasting and easy navigation for the viewers. Visibility and clicks are two sides of the SEO that give your business the exposure it needs.

#Instaway 9:2 RULES1: Follow E-A-T2: Look at Rule 1

E-A-T implies Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. This is given to us by the Google Algorithm raters. Any service or product you provide it demands some level of expertise to satisfy your customers' concerns and difficulties. Stating something as an authority, citation or testimonials will help you win the trust of your customers. 

#Instaway 10:Be close to your customers, use Local Search Optimization.

We have all searched for shops, gyms, clinics, restaurants, multiplexes with "near me" in the Google tab. Your customers too can approach you if you are near them. Local Search Optimization helps you attract local customers eventually causing you to capture local markets.

2019 may observe search trends as precise as for a location with street names. Hence you need to have targeted local structure in your strategy to give precise and accurate results to your customers. 

With these 10 #Instaways, you are sure to give your business the supercharge it needs and enjoy the fruits all year long. With secrets unmasked now, use these tips for a beautiful business experience this year. 

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