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Increase Brand Traffic in 2022 with SEO

In today’s highly competitive market for brands, SEO has become increasingly important to companies, big or small. However, it’s not only about creating this excellent and pleasing site; it’s also about gaining a large number of backlinks. After all, how can anyone expect your business to grow if you don’t get any traffic?

We understand that one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors on your site is through building quality backlinks. That’s why we recommend taking advantage of reputable link building services such as ours. We can ensure that your business gets high top rankings on Google and other search engines.

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Google wants to help people find good businesses. A strong brand presence is just one way they’ll be able to achieve that goal. Strong brands attract new visitors who may be interested in buying something, so having one helps you get featured in Google’s top searches.

We often hear people say that SEO can't work effectively without branding. Well, let’s think of it this way - what if we tell you that more people have discovered and bought from a new brand they know nothing about? They had absolutely no idea how much they needed that particular brand until they searched for it online. This example means that brand awareness is the key factor in building trust and loyalty toward your brand. When they trust you and are loyal to your brand, your customers will crave to buy from you.

To improve your business' brand awareness online, read through the correlation between branding and SEO.

Table of Content:

  1. SEO for brand awareness.
  2. How do you SEO for branding?
  3. How to increase branded traffic in 2022
  4. How do you create brand awareness?
  5. Use Branding as an SEO Strategy
  6. Does SEO improve brand awareness?

SEO for brand awareness.

To give a quick review of branding, it is a way of communicating your company’s personality and values to the world, which in turn helps build trust with customers. It also gives you an opportunity to create a unique identity that distinguishes your business from competitors in your industry.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), brand awareness is one of the most important factors. The reason being is when people are searching for something on Google or another search engine, they want to find what they need as quickly as possible. If they can see your website right away, then chances are they will click through to your site.

If they don't find what they're looking for, they'll move on to the next result. So if you have a strong brand presence, you can expect more traffic than someone who doesn't.

The best part about this strategy is that you don't even have to do anything! All you have to do is make sure that your website has a good design and that it's optimised for search engines. This means making sure that all pages have relevant content and keywords and that there are no broken links or duplicate content.

SEO for Brand Awareness

How do you SEO for branding?

Increasing brand awareness is one of those marketing objectives that many companies go for. However, it is important to understand what it really means. In fact, there are several factors that contribute to increasing brand awareness, such as:

- Recognition - Remembrance - Differentiation - Branding

The main objective of any advertising campaign is to make sure that you reach out to the target audience. You want to know who they are and why they are interested in your product or service. As we mentioned earlier, brand awareness is crucial because it allows us to identify and remember brands.

In addition, branding is the process of creating a distinct identity for a particular organisation. It involves establishing a set of values, goals, vision and mission. These elements help define how customers perceive the brand.

This is why it is so important to establish a clear brand identity. Your brand should be recognizable by both potential clients and current ones.

It is also essential to ensure that your brand is consistent across all channels. For example, if you use the same logo on your social media profiles, your website and other promotional materials, then it will be easier for your visitors to connect with your brand.

How to increase branded traffic in 2022

In our competitive online environment for businesses, there are many different ways to rank high in Google. One way is to use paid advertising, another is to buy links, and still others include having a great website design, creating useful content, and building a strong brand presence.

But it's not enough to just create a website, gain some links, and that's it. You must also make sure that your brand is trusted and authoritative. Otherwise, no one will know about your existence. And that's where Google comes into play.

Google fosters business websites that are well-designed and have a strong brand presence alongside providing valuable information to users. This allows Google to give those sites a boost in rankings without having to rely solely on links.

How do you create brand awareness?

The most important thing to remember here is that even though your site might already be highly ranked for certain terms, there are still plenty of ways to improve your chances of being found in search engines. One way to do this is to build up your brand, which is basically a reputation for quality and trustworthiness. When someone searches for something like "best car insurance," they're looking for a trusted source. They want to see what others think about your company. If you've got a good reputation, you'll come up high in those searches.

When I talk about building up your brand, I'm referring to developing a reputation for quality and trustworthy information, an authority when it comes to the product and the information related to it. This doesn't mean you need to start selling yourself short just to get more traffic. You simply need to make sure that people know about your business and what you offer. It’s not exactly ABC, but there are ways to ensure you get the best out of boosting your brand awareness with the help of our team of experts. To know more about our services, contact us Contact Us - (03) 9510 0717 | Webplanners.

To properly develop a brand, you need to work hard to earn credibility. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Get reviewed. Make sure that people know about everything you offer. Write articles, answer questions, provide customer support, etc. Ask friends and family to review your products and services.
  • Be active on social media. Post regularly and engage with your followers.
  • Build relationships. Don't forget to maintain contact with old contacts and forge new ones.
  • Pay attention to citations. Think about how you can add citations to your site. For example, if you sell widgets, you could include a link to your widget catalogue in your bio. Or maybe you write a blog post about widgets and include a citation to your site in the body of the article.
  • Create content. Offer tutorials, guides, tips, and anything else that adds value to your audience.


SEO Strategy for Branding

Use Branding as an SEO Strategy

Branding is one of those things that most companies do without thinking about it. If we haven’t stressed it enough, brands are incredibly important to businesses. They're a critical part of the marketing mix and they help you stand out from competitors. In fact, some studies suggest that customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for products that come from a well-known brand. The problem is that many companies don't know how to properly leverage branding efforts. Sure, there are plenty of ways to use a logo, tagline, and colour scheme, but what about everything else? Check out these four tactics that can help you make branding a bigger part of your overall marketing strategy:

  1. Create a Consistent Brand Voice

    Consumers want consistency. If they see something once, they'll expect to see it again. So if you've developed a brand voice, whether it's something like "We're the best," "Our customer support team rocks," or "We're always open late" -- stick to it. Customers won't hesitate to call or email if they feel like you're being inconsistent.
  2. Utilise Social Media to Build Awareness

    Social media gives you a chance to build relationships with potential customers. You can talk directly to consumers, offer discounts, promote sales, and even give away free samples. Plus, you can track how effective social media campaigns are over time. This lets you determine which platforms are working best and adjust accordingly.
  3. Create A Stunning and User-Friendly Website

    A lot of websites look boring. You know those that have loads of text and lack images. Photos are incredibly powerful tools when it comes to branding. People remember them better than words, so they're great at helping you establish a consistent message. And since they also tend to be larger, they're easier to scan.
  1. Include Links Throughout Your Content

    Links are another way to create a strong brand identity. When readers click through to other pages, they're likely to become loyal fans. Plus, links are easy to find. Just put them anywhere you think they'd fit naturally: in the footer of your homepage, in the sidebar of your blog posts, and throughout your website. So now that you understand why branding matters, let's take a closer look at how you can use it to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) results. First, you need to identify your brand. What does your company represent? Is it a product, service, or organisation? Once you've figured this out, you can start using branding elements on your website. Next, you should consider adding a logo to your site. A logo is often used as a link back to your home page. It's also a good idea to include a logo on all of your emails and promotional materials. Finally, you should develop a tagline. Taglines are short phrases that describe your brand. They're typically one or two sentences long and appear somewhere prominent on your site. For instance, you could place a tagline above your navigation bar or next to your header. Once you've created these items, you can begin to incorporate them into your content.


Brand Awareness to Improve SEO

Does SEO improve brand awareness?

The question should be: "How do I improve my site rankings?", and it is one we hear frequently, as it seems like everyone wants to know how to rank high in Google searches. But there's another way to approach improving your rankings besides focusing solely on link building - you got it right - it’s Search engine optimization (SEO).

While link building is important, it shouldn't be the primary focus of your SEO efforts. We believe that link building actually hurts your rankings because it makes people think that your site isn't trustworthy, and therefore, less likely to click on it.

In addition to good content, there are several other ways to use SEO to increase brand awareness:

- Social media marketing: Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, among others, to reach your target audience and encourage interaction.

- Paid advertising: Paying for ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other platforms to promote your products and services.

- Branded content: Creating original content that promotes your brand and helps build trust with potential customers. For example, you could write blog posts, articles, infographics, white papers, videos and eBooks about topics related to your industry.

- Event sponsorships: Sponsoring events where your product is displayed prominently, usually near the front entrance, and encouraging attendees to come inside to learn more about your company.

- Brand ambassadors: Promoting your brand through influencers who already have a large following. Influencer marketing is great because it allows you to tap into someone else's network to spread the word about your brand.

Brands that have already been able to build a solid brand identity online are well positioned to take advantage of this shift. However, those that haven't done enough work to establish a strong presence online are likely to continue to struggle. We're seeing a lot of brands struggling to understand how to leverage the power of branding in today's digital landscape. If you want to learn more about branding + SEO strategy, call us so we can further discuss how we can help your business in this matter.

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Does SEO only focus on organic search traffic?

While SEO primarily focuses on driving organic search traffic, it can also help improve other sources of traffic. When a brand's website ranks higher in search engine results, it gains visibility not only in organic search but also in other channels like social media and paid advertisements. This broader exposure can attract traffic from multiple sources and increase brand visibility overall.

How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts?

The time it takes to see results from SEO efforts can vary depending on various factors, such as the competitiveness of the industry and the current state of your website's optimization. Generally, it can take several months to start seeing significant improvements in organic search traffic. However, consistent and strategic SEO efforts can lead to long-term growth and sustained increases in brand traffic.

Can a brand optimise its local presence through SEO?

Absolutely! SEO can help a brand optimise its local presence by targeting users in specific regions or cities. By optimising location-based pages on your website and including relevant local keywords, you can increase your visibility to potential customers searching for local products or services. This allows your brand to attract targeted traffic from your local area and enhance your presence within the community.

Can SEO benefit small businesses as well as larger corporations?


Yes, SEO can benefit businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and larger corporations. In fact, for small businesses with limited marketing budgets, SEO can be an effective and cost-efficient strategy to increase brand traffic and compete with larger competitors. By targeting niche keywords and optimising local presence, small businesses can effectively reach their target audience and grow their brand visibility and traffic.

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