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How to Market Your Business Through Corona virus Pandemic?

Everything around in the world seems to have fallen due to the COVID19 pandemic, but our spirits at Webplanners are still high and hopeful. Even amidst the Coronavirus crisis, we are optimistic and working on ways to cope-up with the downfall and brainstorming on strategies when this pandemic is over and life gets back to normal.

Whether you run a small shop, or a retail outlet, or an online business, you may experience economic losses and slowdown in the coming months. No matter what type or size your business is, it is going to hit by COVID 19 real hard. All we should focus on is- what measures should you take to make sure that your business thrives the economic impact of a COVID-19 outbreak.

The increased uncertainty has led to financial market volatility last seen during the global financial crisis, and that is certainly scary. But what is certain is that we will recover. The economies will recover as well, but are you prepared for it?

Whether you’re feeling the impact of COVID-19 or fearing it, there are a few measures your company can take to make sure that you bounce back when everything goes back to normal. Think of it this way; it’s your business as usual – you have plenty of time to think, make the best use of it. We, at Webplanners, are doing the same. We are working as hard as we used to before the Coronavirus outbreak. We are brainstorming marketing ideas to survive COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s how you should be utilizing this time to organize your marketing to prepare for the next stage when things go normal. The following are the tasks you & your team can get working on.

  • If you are a local business, think and work out online options.
  • Think of building an online delivery option if you run a local restaurant or a café.
  • Create a website for you retail brick and mortar shop.
  • If you haven't been working on an SEO plan over time, do it now.
  • Refrain from taking short-term decisions based on the current scenario.
  • This is the best time to get your website & its content organized if you haven’t done it since long.
  • Build the content that you have been wanting to do. Be it blogs, FAQs, landing pages, videos, etc.
  • Connect with your customers digitally and get their feedback for the product and/or services you offer.
  • Think how you can retain customers amid COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Analyse your website and website content to see what you can do to improve or how you can add more value to it.
  • Leverage social media and see how can use to full potential.

Believe us, the disruptions would not last beyond this year. No doubt that the Coronavirus would impact economic growth and some profit estimates especially for the consumption-oriented sectors. This unexpected time-off should be viewed as an opportunity to invest in a new marketing strategy.

The key issue that you must always focus on - the plunge – the sentiments can change in 15 days. If tomorrow a drug is approved or people around the world start recovering, if mortality falls, and if there are a lower number of new Corona cases, things will improve very fast.

Coronavirus will impact your economic growth, but the impact of this will be short-lived. Hopefully, in six months, we will have new headlines and you would have forgotten about the coronavirus and this pandemic will end, hopefully. If that down the line happens, I see no big reason to worry. If you have the luxury of time and tolerance for volatility, I feel confident that this will prove to be a good opportunity in hindsight for one or two years. 

So, take your business by the horns and maximize this opportunity to get ahead!

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Sunday, 16 June 2024