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How to Launch a Mobile SEO Campaign?

          Back in April 2015, the Google Algorithm announced its new terminology “Mobilegeddon”. This newsflash brought a change to the perspective of the then working SEO Company. This brought to information that the websites compulsorily needed to be mobile-friendly; which now brings over 60% of searches across the globe and 34% of local SEO search in Melbourne. Today, the SEO Company in Melbourne believes that making a mobile non-compatible site cannot satisfy you with its results, since every layman in Australia has got mobiles in their pockets and that creates crossing half of your traffic volume.

Mobile SEO Campaign Melbourne Company

To start with a Mobile SEO Campaign, the professional SEO Company Melbourne comes with the following rulebook :-

Understand the difference of mobile and desktop SEO
A SEO Company in Melbourne structures its start for mobile site with understanding how differently customers use mobile than the desktop. This enables to know about your pinpoints for local SEO and what are your local customers expecting from your brands and are seeking for, depending on device.

A support of Google My Business and Google Analytics
Google My Business makes you visible to the mobile users on Google Search and Google Maps with your contact address, contact details, working hours, reviews and photos. This information is in your hand to be modified and saved. Google Analytics, on the other hand helps you know your site’s statistics regarding traffic, social platforms and other analysis.

A separate tracking method
Concentrating on your mobile site will make you integrate the tasks of My Business and Analytics from the desktop one. The results and reports of your desktop are not the same as to what you get from the mobile website. This helps you making distinct list of attributes and ongoing performance of your site and minimise its flaws.

Start mobile app to your SEO Service
The SEO Services in Melbourne believes that launching a mobile app as your SEO part is advantageous. Adjoining your mobile site with a mobile app is a great guideline by the Google that makes an efficient and faster search to your business. It gives an easy sight to the viewers from your app to jump and land to your site and vice versa.

The scroll up and down speed
Your page loading speed is the deciding factor for the surfer to stay on your site. The survey shows that 40% of visitors would close the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. For this, you can go through AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which helps loading page 15 to 85% faster than other. So basically having a faster page speed is a gateway to higher site rankings.

     Mobile friendly site requirement
A mobile compatible website needs to be:

  Responsive according to device

  Optimised for users

  Linked with desktop site

  Integrated to social platform

  Dynamic Purpose

  Multilingual Site

         A lot of rules can be fairly added to kick start your mobile SEO Campaign. But these rules are the basics to go through for a good traffic and high ranking. A mobile website is a compulsory step to grow your business in local and beyond.

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