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Modern Magento Web Design Elements - Get More Sale Leads

If you own a website which is a couple of years old, then it is the right time to change your website in E-commerce website with the help of Magento Web Developers in Melbourne and cater the rapidly- expanding online customers segment of the market. The rise in smart devices has drastically increased the sales. Let’s check out some ways to enhance the online enquiries inflow by including changes that will help you to drive more leads and conversions for your business.

Magento Web Development Melbourne 

1.   Unique typography

  • Typography is an important part of the website and enhances the look and feel of the website. It also influences your visiting audiences and take an action
  • It is important to ensure proper use of heading, hyperlinks, quotes and line spacing elements in unique typography
  • Carefully select font
  • Create company’s brand style guide and take into consideration typography
  • Get all the net surfing activity data of your visiting audiences and use the information to make the recommendation for products and services of your products
  • Personalised welcome message can influence a user and stick to the brand for shopping
  • Give the user the visual content that will encourage the user engagement
  • Put an extra effort into your website images, select the high-quality images, photographs, videos and infographics related to your products and services
  • Add a photo related to each product if you selling your products online
  • Add HTML interactions makes more engaging content to the audiences
  • Give your website a simplistic appearance including bright colours
  • Flat design offers more focused content
  • Focus on powerful content with naive visuals
  • Highlight your message with large banners that you want to give your audiences
  • Large banner helps to highlight key messages about your products and services in most efficient way
  • Large banners captures audiences eye to particular product
  • This also helps to increase conversions

2.   Personalised Content

3.   Use high quality, relevant images, and videos

4.   Utilising flat design

5.   Large Banners with proper image

Magento Developers in Melbourne creates the responsive design that gives a good user experience. In addition to this, in-depth product and services videos explain the product or service aspects that can be valuable for visitors. The videos can be helpful in explaining your business process and usage of products.

How can Webplanners help you? If all of above key points sounds interesting to you but you need help improving your website, our Magento Developer in Melbourne can help you.

Schedule a free session today with our experts and learn how we can design your website with the help of Magento platform that could really help you engender more sales leads for your business.

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