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Keeping Up with Google's Ever-Changing Algorithms

For business organisations that place emphasis on SEO, it is crucial to remain apprised of Google's constantly evolving algorithms. To keep pace with opponents, understanding the newest algorithm updates is critical.

And as SEO and Google Analytics consultants in Melbourne, we’re here to help you understand the changes and keep up with Google’s constantly evolving algorithms.

Understand how algorithms work

In the current digital sphere, the majority of companies depend on their positioning in Google searches so as to get the desired traffic. Nonetheless, if you do not understand how the algorithms function and what their effects are, your webpage will be unable to realise its maximum potential.

To understand how Google's algorithms work, it helps to have a basic understanding of how search engines work in general. Every time a search query is made, search engine crawlers assess hundreds of elements that in turn affects the way they rank websites.

Google's core algorithm consists of numerous different elements such as freshness scores, domain authority scores, ranking signals, backlinks, anchor texts and keyword optimization techniques. Each individual element has an effect on where your site ranks on Google's search results page. Knowing exactly how each of these algorithms works and understanding the specific action needed to positively influence them will give you more control over your SEO efforts and allow you to create content that is optimised for search engine rankings.

By understanding what factors play into each algorithm update, you can make sure your website remains relevant and visible.

Stay updated on changes announced by Google

Google typically announces new algorithm updates months or even years in advance. This gives businesses an opportunity to anticipate any changes ahead of time and adjust their content accordingly. Paying attention to announcements from Google can also be beneficial for staying compliant with the law if data privacy laws change.

The best way to do this is by signing up for their official newsletter so that you can have updates sent straight to your inbox. Also, keeping an eye on industry discussions via platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn may prove useful as well – especially if key influencers from major publications are sharing their own experiences with SEO during particular periods. As they test out various tactics and discussions that may help shed light upon some of Google’s new algorithm updates or features, staying in-the-know will ultimately leverage your site’s overall performance in the long run.

Know the latest trends & developments in SERPs

Every few months, new trends start emerging and this requires companies to stay informed about these techniques as well as developing tactics for optimising their relevance rankings. In terms of visibility within the SERP space, understanding the latest trends & developments enable competitive positioning.

You should also monitor links that are being built as part of your backlinking strategies - ensuring these links remain up-to-date according to current standards will go a long way in keeping up with upcoming algorithm updates.

Focus on optimising content quality & utility

Producing high-quality content is essential when trying to keep up with Google's ever-changing algorithms. Focus on upping the quality of content produced while also making sure it is relevant and useful for readers - this makes sure that searching engines take notice and boosts chances of improving your rankings.

One of the most important parts of optimising your content quality is researching trends and audience demographics before making any changes to your current strategies. Keeping up-to-date with industry news will help you create relevant pieces that will hopefully perform better than outdated ones, while understanding who you are writing for will make it easier for you to create personalised articles tailor made for them specifically.

What you can do is use topics rather than keyword stuffed titles, including organised sections with headings, boxes and clear paragraphs, as well as adding internal links to other pages in order to keep readers interested and maximise SEO potential.

You can also optimise any video or audio content you produce so that such pieces are able to be found by potential viewers or listeners before those potential customers opt out of ever visiting or hearing them again.

Optimise page speed & infrastructure

Page speed has become increasingly important over time, given that slow page speeds can significantly decrease website usability - which can lead to no disinterest from customers if pages take more than 3 seconds to load completely. It’s not just page loading times either; other factors like server response times must be taken into account if websites want better ranking results in terms of SEO rankings.

Images are often overlooked when it comes to page performance but large images can significantly slow down loading times so it is important that these are kept small. Also, enabling GZIP compression will reduce the size of data sent from your server by up to 70%, reducing loading times tremendously for end users who then receive smaller amounts of data in their requests for pages.

Lastly, optimising internet connection allowances on web servers also helps increase web page load speeds dramatically since too many incoming connections can slow down response times significantly.

Google Analytics Consultant Melbourne

Webplanners is your go-to Google Analytics consultant in Melbourne. We provide top quality digital solutions tailored to meet your business’s goals, including custom insights and data visualisation tailored to your individual needs. With our expert team of analytics professionals, you can be sure that all of your data-driven decisions are backed by reliable and accurate information.


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