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How to find the right web designer

Getting the right web designer can be a challenge. Most people tend to look at the price only without putting into consideration the design of their website. Even though price is also an important factor, it should not be the sole ground for choosing a good designer. There are different factors that you should put into consideration while choosing the right web designer.


You should begin by looking at their portfolio. Consider whether the design of their website resonates well with your expectations, or you feel like going away the moment you look at it. Check whether they specialize in simplicity or even complex designing. Where you require a site that is simple, you should go for a designer who has several examples of layouts and design techniques that are simplistic. You should not expect a web developer to produce something good where they have not done it before. All designers have a specialization area, and it is usually the area they like most.


While hiring, consider the personality of the web designer before the skills come into play. Check whether you are able to connect easily with the designer even over the phone. He or she should have your interest at heart and there should be an evidence of excellent customer relation. Ensure that you ask the web developer the relevant questions. This will ensure that you do not realize when it is too late that you chose the wrong designer.


You should ensure that the designer look ‘future-friendly’. This means that he will not only accomplish the present goals but also the future ones. This is important as the website design does not end with the development. There will be a need for updating as well as other design projects. When making the initial call, ensure that you ask of their ability to handle business in the future.  Find out about their turnaround and whether they have some other clients with whom they have ongoing business. Consider whether they are ready to explain anything you need to know. This ensures that you are prepared for the things that are bound to arise for the website in the future.  This will not only serve you well but will also save your time and money in the future.


Even though it may be tempting to go with the designer who charges the cheapest, it is important to consider your brand. Ensure that you choose the developer who understands your needs and has the passion to bring the brand to life. It is necessary to be choosy and ready to invest in a person who will make a perfect fit. Avoid those designers who may tend to charge per page as this is bound to be more expensive.  The prices of web design differ widely across the industry and therefore, it is necessary to shop for quotes. Ensure that you do not pay for some extra services such as the search engine placement as you can get these free from Google. Remember also to go through the ‘terms of service’ before you can sign.

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