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What to include on your homepage

As the big search engines have become smarter and web users increasingly savvy, you need to ensure your website’s homepage is engaging and easy to navigate.


Once, company homepages were crammed with as much info and as many keywords as possible, which would give your site a high-ranking.  Nowadays, however, there’s no quicker way of turning away potential customers than by bombarding them with dense text.


Think of your company webpage as an inviting introduction to the best-of what your company has to offer.  Don’t worry about getting all your keywords onto one page.  Instead, concentrate on one or two vital keywords and making navigating to other pages as easy as possible.

Think visually – striking images or engaging, informative videos – to get your core message across to consumers.


Here are a few key elements that you might consider including:

  • Your company logo &a navigation map at the top of your webpage.  Brand identification is vital and everyone will breathe a sigh of relief to have a map to help guide them through your site.


  • Consider a short video to provide an overview of your company’s product or service.


  • Spell out the vital aspects of your company’s product or service or what sets your company apart.  Focus on a couple of vital keywords.  Our Melbourne SEO company will connect you to your target market.


  • Add a testimonial from a satisfied customer.


  • Finally, include a call to action.  Encourage your customers to take the next step – whether making contact or perhaps a special offer to entice them.

Webplanners provide the best SEO services Melbourne to help attract the right customers to your site.

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Sunday, 16 June 2024