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Google “Pigeon” Update -Targeting Local Searches

SEO environment is continuously evolving, and SEO methods and techniques need to change along with it. With the fast pace at which changes take place, it is sometimes very difficult to keep up with the latest practices search engines adopted by search engines. Recently, Google rolled out a new algorithm to provide more accurate and helpful local search results. As this update has not been given any name by Google, it is referred to as the “Pigeon” update in SEO community. This update has made a significant influence on ranking of local search results. The update has been applied to Google web search as well as map search for US English results.


Google “Pigeon” search algorithm has stronger ties search ranking signals in traditional web search. Though the magnitude of change caused by this update is still not clear, it is expected to bring a change in leads, business and website referrals for local businesses. This algorithm seems to have brought local businesses ahead of brands, and this preference provides boost to visibility of local businesses in search engine rankings. In this case, small business owners will be successful in making their website discoverable and increase traffic to their website. The algorithm also seems to have changed weightage of factors involved in local search algorithm.


“Pigeon” update brings to light one of the important features of SEO – creation of unique and amazing content. At Market Strategy and Webplanners, we realize the important of content quality and its influence on search engine rankings. An SEO company in Melbourne, we constantly try to optimize content both for local and global search. Our comprehensive SEO services aim at delivering the best value experience to customers.

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Monday, 17 January 2022