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Long Tail Keywords help building strong Conversion Funnel

Did you know long-tail keywords account for 70% for all Google searches?

Unlike the short keywords, long tail keywords are more specific and effective for any products or brands. As a result, the use of long tailed keywords will help with your overall conversion funnel.

As a successful SEO services in Melbourne, Webplanners will detail below what are long-tailed keyword, why you need them, what and how it is important for your sales conversion funnel. 

​What are long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a combination of more than three words for a product that describes a search term in more detail than you would otherwise. They are closer and accurate to the search results customer looks for.

For example, if you need furniture for your outdoors and you Google the short keyword 'Furniture', you are going to get a plethora of results that advertise buying furniture online in various categories which could be for home, office or parks. You do not get the actual results you were looking for.

But then you use the long-tail keyword 'Outdoor Wicker Furniture for Homes' the results are more filtered and precise to what you were looking around.

Why to invest time in Long-tail Keywords?

There is no doubt short tail keywords or head terms like 'furniture' 'guitar' 'women dresses' have higher search volume throughout the month but - isn't the competition tougher here?

Plenty of brands are doing businesses in furniture and if you're in a niche market, you want to stand out when being searched for.

When forming long-tail keywords think about what your customer would type in the search bar and tailor your keywords to that. You may pull in lower traffic, but it will be consistent, and ROI would be proportionally higher.

What is a sales conversion funnel?

This is a unique concept that we as an SEO company in Melbourne use ourselves. It is useful for understanding what goes through the consumer's brain at different stages of their purchase decisions. How we use it is to understand where is the most effective place in the funnel can we target our prospective customer.

The conversion goes like so: 

  • Firstly the customer researches and searches through various data available on the internet. They may visit different sites, express their interest for others and so on. (Awareness)
  • Secondly, they would considers the various choices and during this stage, a compares your services with the other through word of mouth, peers and more. (Consideration and Evaluation)
  • Lastly, the prospect makes a final decision based on the previous evaluations (Purchase). 

How Long-Tail Keywords are effective for conversion funnel?

Since now we know conversion funnel, let's talk about the use of long-tail keywords in it.

Long-tail keywords helps optimise our site for customers and provides them with our solutions by making it easier to find. We want to become apart of the awareness and consideration stage and hopefully we flow into their purchase stage too. The more exposure we have at the different stages, the more likely we would be considered.

For example, when we are searching iphone case, there are thousands of results! Research suggests that they actually look for narrowed and exact results. Here the long-tail keywords like 'best iphone 7 cases 2018', or 'designer iphone 8 rubber case' are easier to rank for and will help the customer go into the first funnel of the awareness stage and eventually through the rest until purchase.

In short, long-tail keywords allows the prospective customer to reach to their ideal product or solution easier and allows businesses to convert them into customers quicker.

Final Words

On the front end, buying a product seems easy and simple.

Just search, find and buy.

When we being to look the work that goes behind the scenes to be in this process, long-tail keywords is a way to be there for when the prospective customer searches for your solution.

With the idea of a conversion funnel, you can the three stages every buyer goes through. Understanding this will help you understand why you need long-tailed keywords and what keywords you need in the first place.

So invest in long-tail keywords as they would bring in higher conversion rates, fuel your blog strategy and drive organic traffic.

Why don't you try look through your blogs and web content and see what you can re-optimise and add long-tail keywords.

Look for more blogs on keyword research and SEO in Melbourne at https://webplanners.com.au. 

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