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How Voice Search is changing the rules of SEO in 2018

Google back in 2002 opened a new platform for its visitors called as Voice Search. What could be more convenient than just clicking a button, asking for what you need and finding result displayed on the screen? A feature like this before was mere imagination and magic. Now, it is in our back pockets and always ready to go. In Australia, we find 55% of teens and 41% of adults relying on voice search on a daily basis. What that means for SEO Companies in Melbourne is that voice search optimizations will and is becoming a leading factor in earning customers today. Digital Marketing is turning towards generating leads and with such immense popularity with voice search, it keeps SEO businesses on their feet.

Improved Recognition Accuracy

Common brawl between the text and voice search is the clarity of message passed on from the person to the search engine. Text messages give real syntax while voice search makes minor mistakes in the words it hears. Meaning your accent, tone of voice and pronunciation of certain letters or words can affect the voice search. In 2013, voice recognition accuracy was below 80% giving searchers a tough time and making the voice feature almost redundant. However by 2017, voice recognition accuracy rose to 92% and became reliable enough for Google to market it as one of their best features (ie. Google Home, Google Assistant). The point is error in voice search has decreased dramatically to the point that easy communication to the online world can be unlocked with your voice.​

Bigger Achievements In Short Span 

Undeniably, Voice Search is witnessing fast pace of growth for SEO services. It's convenient, hand-free and faster, which will become the new trend in the industry. In 2015, Google searches were hitting 50 billion per month with 20% of those searches being voice searches. In 2020, it is predicted 50% of all Google searches be voice searches which has SEO Companies in Melbourne and across the globe scrambling to take advantage of this feature. 

Voice Searches in SEO

  • Think about the Micro Moments

The battle of winning hearts and mind of consumers can be won by the reflexive and rich micro moments. Standing in a line ideal can allow a shopper to search for "Where to buy" or a traveller to "where to go". These instant searches and needs are micro moments which the marketers should know for a flourishing growth. The 4 micro moments include- "I want to know", "I want to go", "I want to do", "I want to buy".

  • Serve well with FAQ Page

The customers are always pondering on What, Why, Where and How. To be easy and the best business conveying the needed information to the people, add a FAQ page on you website that revolves around three context. Navigational (takes to a specific website), Informational (leaves visitors with required info) and transactional (helps in particular actions like booking and shopping).

  • Work on the local SEO

Voice Search brings 88% of local searches; this describes why location matters while you craft a site. Mobile indexing was an important chapter in 2017 (still is) for voice search and now the location queries. Try bringing as many local reviews as possible and answering to negatives ones. Also be at Google My Business page that serves the local details of your business to customers in precise way.


It looks like the virtual assistant has taken a big role in the SEO and it's time to embrace this major change. So, shut down the old school way of SEO and build the business around the trending subjects in 2018.

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