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How To Choose Good Domain Name For SEO

Are you planning to get your business on the Web? Then for most of us, it is complicated to choose the good domain name that suits your business. The domain name is very important as it should not only easy for users to remember, relevant and but also needs to impact positively on SEO and Social Media marketing. SEO Companies in Melbourne suggests that domain name needs to be shorter and unique.

SEO Company Melbourne Helps To Choose Right Domain Name

When you are choosing the domain name, you have to decide how you want your target audiences to find you on the web. Market Strategy and Webplanners – SEO Services provider in Melbourne covers few criteria for having the best domain name.

  • Make your domain name brandable. This means that when you hear it should sound as a brand and not as a generic name. Try to avoid having generic keywords and partial matching to keywords. The unique, memorable and easy name stands out easily in the web.
  • As an SEO Company in Melbourne, we focus on the domain name that is easy to hear and then pronounce it and easier for users to keep it in mind.
  • User still bias towards having .com. It’s most recognised and simply reachable outside the tech world.
  • At the time of choosing the domain, it is recommended to keep it short but not too short. As it is easy to share, type. From the social media point of view, domain name gets shorter on SM platform and don’t get compressed or the URL gets cut off.
  • Modify your username if your domain name is not available. Alternate your domain name with suffix or prefix or use alternate TLD extensions.

Do there are some points that you should remember while selecting the domain name that suits your business. Do let us know your requirement for domain names and our experts will surely assist. 

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